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Patches Redguard shields for Dual Sheath Redux use.

Permissions and credits
- Description -

Makes the necessary changes to the shield and weapon meshes for use with Dual Sheath Redux.

- Requirements -

Redguard shields (Hammerfell armory)
Dual Sheath Redux

- Installation -

Unpack the contents of the .zip file to your Skyrim\Data directory. Overwrite if prompted.

- Uninstallation -

Delete the following files from your Skyrim\Data directory.
1) meshes\armor\farinelli\shield_1OnBack.nif
2) meshes\armor\farinelli\shield_1OnBackClk.nif
3) meshes\armor\farinelli\shield_1_eOnBack.nif
4) meshes\armor\farinelli\shield_1_eOnBackClk.nif
5) meshes\armor\farinelli\shield_2OnBack.nif
6) meshes\armor\farinelli\shield_2OnBackClk.nif
7) meshes\armor\farinelli\shield_3OnBack.nif
8) meshes\armor\farinelli\shield_3OnBackClk.nif
9) meshes\armor\farinelli\shield_4OnBack.nif
10) meshes\armor\farinelli\shield_4OnBackClk.nif
11) meshes\armor\farinelli\shield_5OnBack.nif
12) meshes\armor\farinelli\shield_5OnBackClk.nif

- Changelog -

1.2 - Added the directories to ease the installation.
1.1 - Added missing Clk files - now the shields should show up on top of cloaks!
1.0 - Initial release.

- Credits -

Thanks to farinelli and Neovalen for their great mods!

- Permissions -

Any changes done to this file requires permission from farinelli in accordance to permissions listed under Redguard shields (Hammerfell armory).