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Please note that this mod requires the dragonborn dlc.

This mod attempts to integrate the Dragonborn DLC into Skyrim by taking some of the new content, and making them available in Skyrim.

Permissions and credits

Dragonborn DLC is part of Skyrim
>>>Version 4.0.0<<<

As with any expansion by Bethesda they always seem to make it the new content seem so isolated and distant. They did this for Bloodmoon with Morrowind and again with shivering isles for Oblivion. Its a trend
that has carried across to the Dragonborn DLC and it really bothers me how distant it seems.

This mod attempts to integrate the Dragonborn DLC into Skyrim by taking some of the new content and making them available in Skyrim.

Npc's will sell items from the Dragonborn DLC. I have tried to keep it to a minimum so as not to wreck immersion and to at least save some surprises for visiting Solsthiem.

The main features of this mod is to bring the staff crafting system to Skyrim, and many of the court wizards/college mages sell heartstones and unenchanted staffs as well as providing the services to enchant them.

There is also an Optional Alternative ESP that makes the unenchanted Staves available for crafting at forges.
please see the relevant section in this readme for more information.

Version 1.0.0

Brand-She - the dark elf in riften will now sell a handful of items from Morrowind. These include books, clothing and some ingredients.

Revyn Sadri in Windhelm has a chance to sell common and uncommon books from Morrowind/Solsthiem, Dunmer clothings and select parts of Chitian and bonemold armor (no complete sets) alongside
netch leather and Chitin plate to craft them with.

New Gnisis Corner club in windhelm has a chance to sell ash yams and Morrowind Bevrages.

Spell tomes for Bound dagger, poison rune and frenzy rune have been added to spell tome levelled lists and thus have a chance of appearing for sale by court wizards, college mages and turning up in loot.

Enthir at the College of Mages in Winterhold now sells heartstones.

Hearstones also have a chance of appearing in Warlock loot. This is an extremly low chance though.

Unenchanted staves can be brought from the College of Winterhold mages. Its done by class so for example an unenchanted Destruction staff can be brought from Faralda.

Unenchanted staves can also be brought from the court wizards. Each court wizard sells only one type. That is as follows:

 - Wuunferth (Windhelm) Illusion
 - Sybille (Solitude) Destruction
 - Madena (dawnstar) Conjuration
 - Wylandriah (Riften) Restoration
 - Calcelmo (Markarth) Alteration
 - Farenfar (whiterun) Destruction

Staff Enchanters can be found the rooms of all Court wizards mentioned above.

The beverage Flin has been added to the ruraldrinks levelled list used by innkeepers.

Boar tusks have been added to Apothecary Uncommon levelled list

Wild Boar have been added to the Forest and plains leveled list so you can encounter them in the wild.

The Fine clothes added by Dragonborn (fine clothes and fine boots) have been added to clothing leveled lists so will appear in loot and for sale.

Urag gro-shub (winterhold) will have a chance to sell Dragonborn books from the common and uncommon lists.

Version 2.0.0

Removed heartstones from court wizards and college mages due to their classes not allowing it to show up for sale.
Instead I have increased Enthir's stock of heartstones from 7 to 12.

Aranea Iernith, the disciple of Azura now wears a Temple Priest Robe.

The Shrine of Azura (the location) now has an actual working shrine of Azura like those found in Raven Rock.

Some dunmer Clutter has been added to Azura's Shrine (two Dunmer urns of Food and loose ash yam)

Cooked Boar meat addedto Inn leveled list. Inns will now have a chance to sell Cooked Boar meat

Raw boar meat was added to the Rawmeat and Rawmeathunter leveled lists making it possible to find Raw Boar meat around skyrim

Increased chance of Brand-shei selling Dragonborn Items

Brand-shei now also has a chance of selling Netch Leather

Revyn Sadri and Brand-shei also has a chance to sell unenchanted versions of the Dunmer Clothing.

Water walking potion's added to Apothecary Leveled lists

Restore all potions added to Apothecary Leveled list. These will only become available after the quest healing house is completed.

Belyn Hlaalu of Windhelm now wears a Dunmer outfit

Malthyr Elenil (windhelm, Gnisis Cornerclub) now wears a dunmer outfit

Some bottles of Shien have been added to Malthyr's sleeping area.

Version 3.0.0

Falion (Morthal) now sells unenchanted Conjuration staves

Dented Iron shield has been added to leveled lists around skyrim. Bandits and Dragur will also have a chance of wielding them.

Aval Atheron (Windhelm) now has a chance to sell dunmer clothing, food and alchemy ingredients.

Aval Atheron sells a small handful of heartstones

Aval Atheron now wears dunmer clothing

Dunmer clutter has been added to Brand-shei's stall

Brand Shei now wears dunmer clothing

Faryl Atheron now wears dunmer clothing

overall the mod adds Dragonborn loot to Skyrim.

NOTE: I have not added anything to skyrim that wouldn't for lore reasons belong there. I.e Nordic Carved items,Stalhrim items, Ash spells ect...

Version 4.0.0
All Staff enchanters placed in Skyrim are now "un-Dunmer". What I mean by this is they now look and match Skyrims furniture.
The Alternate ESP has also been updated.

 Alternative ESP

Included in this mod is an  Alternative ESP that makes the unenchanted Staves available for crafting at forges under the wood section.

Each Stave requires 3 firewood, 1 gold ingot and 1 petty (filled) soul gem to craft.

Please note do not use BOTH ESP's together. It will cause complications and problems more than likely resulting in game crashes.


NOTE on Items not appearing: Remember these items have been placed in leveled lists and so might not always appear at a location you found them last time. Most vendors mentioned above do have set stock though some such as boartusks can be hard to come by. Also keep in mind that the spells tomes act like other spell tomes and may require a skill of 50 in their school (for the runes) before they become available.
To make room for the Staff Enchanters I deleted two stacks of firewood from Mistveil Keep (riften) and a pile of rubble from Understone Keep (Markarth) Also the Winterhold staff enchanter is placed in store room in the Hall of Countenance. Any mod that touches this area will cause problems.

Any mod that changes the leveled lists (such as Immersive Creatures or Marco's Leveled List Integration) are lkily to be incompatible unless leveled lists are merged via Wyre Bash.

I highly recommend that if you are using any other mod that alters leveled lists that you create a BASHED patch via Wyre Bash.


Bethesda for creating such a great game
The creators of TESEdit5 for without it this mod would be dirty
DarkFox127 for his tutorials
tueffelachtein for his Modular Crafting table resource: