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This mod gets rid of the horrible vanilla firewood texture, and there is also an optional tree log and stump texture from the great Tamriel Reloaded Trees mod uploaded with permission from 32cm.

Every piece of firewood is retextured, from individual pieces to all the large piles found throughout Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
Detailed High Quality Firewood Piles

-I have been looking for a mod that only covers these areas, nothing more and nothing less. I couldn't find one so I decided to make my own.

-This mod covers every single piece of firewood, from individual pieces to large piles!

-Diffuse and Normal Maps come in 1K, 2K, and 4K options.

-1K is the choice for performance, 2K is the optimal choice, 4K is for those of you who need amazing quality from up close (as in right in your face close...)

-The optional tree log and stump textures are perfect for my firewood texture, but you can also try out other textures and see how it looks.

-Important: All the textures have already been optimized with DDSopt to lose as little quality as possible, if you optimize the textures again you will only ruin them.

Permission Notes:

-The firewood texture is free to use, so no need to ask me for permission to use as an asset. Just remember to credit me.

-The optional tree log and stump textures belong to 32cm, so they are off-limits unless you ask 32cm for permission.

- 32cm has given me permission to upload the optional Tree Log and Stump textures to make it easier for those who don't use Tamriel Reloaded Trees to acquire them.

Credits Go To:

- 32cm for his wonderful "Tamriel Reloaded Trees mod" which the firewood textures were made for.