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A home for vampire players

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A large home for your vampire character to live in fully furnished with coffins and alchemy station and cattle
adopted children should be able to live here aswel
in order to get a spouse and kids to move into the home, first mod "Hearthfire multiple adoptions - Now with custom home support for kids and spouse byTMPhoenix" needs to be downloaded and the bless home spell cast inside the home.

There are two version of this mod, one with torture victims and one without. 
I am assuming most people will want the torture victims like that are with the Dark Brotherhood but I added the one without for in case people dont want NPCs locked in the dungeon 

sorry for changin the version so often, im constantly doig stuff to the mod, thinking it will take a while

updates so far

fixed weapon racks
fixed mannequins
fixed navmesh
added more furniture
made rooms smaller
added key and welcome note
Added torture victims

next update
light switches
more furnishing

if anyone thinks of stuff i can do to make this better let me know.

hi all, sorry for being away for a long time, the creation kit was bugging on me and couldn't do any mods. I will be trying to do work on this mod as much as I can and work on stuff that is mentioned in the comments, first is the fix to the torture victims and then I will fix the clipping on the floor.

anyone who is wondering how get into the basement, there is a hidden room with a welcome note that says that the key was dropped and lost in the house somewhere and needs to be found to get in.