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100% new original music composed by me to replace the Dragon Soul Absorb music. I wanted something more ominous, mysterious, and dark for my game.

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The lore around absorbing the soul of a Dragon is a pretty big deal if you really think about it.  I wanted something that sounded a bit more ominous, mysterious, and foreboding, so I composed a new piece specifically for this event (I'm a musician.) 

It replaces all three variations of the regular music that plays after you absorb a soul.  I may make some alternate versions.

To install, just add it with NMM or MO, or extract to your /data/ folder.  It's just an audio file replacer, so there are no plugins or fuss.  I highly suggest playing with Silent Skyrim - No Music for extra immersion, which mutes regular music but keeps event-based music like this.

Thanks Brodual/BDMods for the spotlight!

Louder examples, first isolated, second in-game.