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Quickly creates LOD billboard textures for Trees LOD to be used in Skyrim with TES5LODGen, Oblivion with TES4LODGen, Fallout 3 with FO3LODGen, Fallout New Vegas with FNVLODGen. Images are grabbed directly from Creation Kit preview, Construction Set render window or NifScope.

Permissions and credits
xLODGen (TES5LODGen, TES4LODGen, FO3LODGen, FNVLODGen) uses 2D images of trees to show them as LOD in game. Images must be DDS files with alpha channel (and have mipmaps for Oblivion), and creating those manually can be cumbersome, especially for those like me who don't use Photoshop or other graphical editors.

This small utility can grab an image of a tree directly from preview/render window of official editor (Creation Kit, GECK and Construction Set) or NifScope, calculate alpha mask, scale, adjust brightness and contrast, generate mipmaps and save ready to use DDS billboard image in a single click.

Usage guide:

1. Open a tree preview window in CK for Skyrim or GECK for Fallouts, or place a tree in an empty space so background has a solid color in render window for CS in Oblivion, or open a tree model in NifScope.
2. Adjust size and rotation to your taste. Disable "Ground plane" in CK to have a solid background. Make sure that background is solid in NifScope (no axis, wireframe, etc.)
3. Don't minimize official editor or NifScope and run treelod.exe, it should locate CK's or GECK's preview window or CS's render window or NifScope render (tested with NifScope verion 2) and grab the image.
4. To see the output, run treelod.exe from command prompt
5. For the best quality in game, try to create symmetrical billboards, -aim parameter can help with that. If grabbing images from NifScope, disable AntiAliasing in it's options to remove bleeding of the background color on the image. Avoid using -height parameter for the same reason, adjust size by zooming the model itself and resizing NifScope/CK/CS/GECK window.
6. Keep in mind that LOD textures for Oblivion need mipmaps, so don't forget to specify -mipmap parameter. Skyrim/Fallout 3/New Vegas billboards don't need mipmaps.
7. Rename dds file accordinly, put in the correct folder and run xLODGen.