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This mod adds arrowheads which can be crafted and used to assemble arrows away from a forge.
No need to set out with hundreds of arrows in you backpack - just take a few bundles - you can make more after a battle if needed.

And if you think that does not sound fun enough maybe you will find piercing or silver arrowheads a useful

Permissions and credits

This mod adds arrowheads which can be crafted and used to assemble arrows away from a forge.
No need to set out with hundreds of arrows in you backpack - just take a few bundles - you can make more after a battle if needed.

And if you think that does not sound fun enough maybe you will find piercing and silver arrowheads or silver bolts a useful addition to your arsenal.

Other than the REQUIREMENTS you don't need to read any further before using this mod.
This mod is simple enough to work naturally and intuitively as if it were part of the vanilla game.
If you want to change some aspects of the mod please consult the CONFIGURATION section.

Also this mod could probably use some new models for the new piercing projectiles so if you are interested and can model or know of anyone who can please drop me a message!


Official DLC no longer required

SKSE (required for most of the features to work)

SkyUI (for configuration via MCM, manual configuration is possible)

Frostfall (craft arrows anywhere via the Survival crafting menu, gather firewood)
Hunterborn (craft arrows anywhere via the Scrimshaw crafting menu)
Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade (consistency with arrowheads value, availability, damage and speed)


 - Craft regular arrowheads at the forge
 - Craft piercing arrowheads and piercing arrows at the forge
 - Craft silver arrowheads, arrows and bolts at the forge
 - Meltdown arrowheads at the smelter
 - Assemble arrows using arrowheads anywhere *
 - Recycle arrowheads by disassembling arrows anywhere *
 - Purchase arrowheads in shops that sell arrows
 - Find arrowheads as loot

* Anywhere if you are using either Frostfall or Hunterborn, otherwise at the Tanning Rack, and obviously out of combat only


Arrowheads come in bags of 24 arrowheads allowing 24 arrows to be crafted. A bag weights 1 unit.
Arrows can be recycled back to arrowheads and you need 24 arrows to recycle a whole bag while firewood is not reclaimed.
You don't need any perks to assemble and disassemble arrows.
You need the same perks to craft arrowheads as to craft arrows.
No skill is required to meltdown arrowheads to ingots.
You need to meltdown two bags of arrowheads to get a single ingot.
Arrow assembly will automatically integrate into the custom crafting menus added by some other mods.
If you are using Frostfall you will be able to use Survival Crafting to assemble and disassemble arrows.
If you are not using Frostfall but you are using Hunterborn you will be able to use the Scrimshaw Crafting.
If you are using neither Frostfall nor Hunterborn arrows can assembled and disassembled at the Tanning Rack.
You may choose you preferred crafting method but only one crafting method is possible at any one time.
The exact number and kind of resources is needed to make arrowheads for a specific kind of arrows minus the firewood.
To craft Nordic Arrowheads you will need both Quicksilver Ingot and Steel Ingot.
To craft Daedric Arrowheads you will need Daedra Heart in addition to an Ebony Ingot.

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade recipe filtering is supported for crafting arrows at the forge and smelting arrowheads at the smelter.


You may purchase arrowheads at a Fletcher's, Blacksmith's and Mics Vendor's but the availability reflects your level like arrows do. *
The price of a pack of 24 arrowheads is that of an arrow of the same material 20 fold. *
Piercing and silver arrowheads cannot be bought and must be crafted.

* Based on Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade changes (mod strongly recommended not required)


This is an optional feature that can be activated and deactivated via MCM at any time. 

Piercing arrowheads can be crafted at forges just like regular arrowheads and used to craft piercing arrows anywhere.
You can craft piercing arrows directly at the forge. It takes twice as many ingots to craft piercing arrowheads and arrows.
Neither armor piercing arrows nor arrowheads can be bought currently.

Piercing arrows ignore 2/3 of armor and their damage is reduced by 20%

This feels about right to me but I may change that if I find it's out of balance. Effectively armor piercing arrowheads will be wasted on anything with lover Damage Resistance than about 150 but north of 250 the added damage will become noticeable and around 600 the damage should be doubled compared to normal arrowheads. In my opinion this is not overpowered at all and probably only useful when playing mods and overhauls that increase the armor rating on armors and give insane damage resistance to dragons. But do let me know what you think.

Please note that when you look at a piercing arrow and a normal one of the same material they should show the same damage. This is perfectly fine and in fact expected for good balance - the damage is reduced automatically via a perk. If you are using a mod that increases arrow damage let me know and I will create a patch of you to get the values the same. Otherwise the piercing arrows will not be very useful compared to your normal arrows.

If you are using a ReProccer piercing arrow should be modified automatically just like normal arrows. Check the optional patches included in the main download for any patches that might exist and be of use to you.


This is an optional feature that can be activated and deactivated via MCM at any time.

Silver arrowheads can be crafted at the forge but you may craft silver arrows directly as well.
No perk is needed to craft silver arrowheads and arrows. A silver ingot and a steel ingot is needed to craft a bag of silver arrowheads. Silver piercing arrow heads require one silver ingots and 2 steel ingot.

Silver arrowheads cause additional 20 damage against Undead and similar creatures just like silver weapons do.

Silver arrows use the same model as steel arrows but the color of the metal parts is brighter and their fletching is blue. I hope you can put up with it.
Their unmodified damage is the same as steel arrows and their speed and weight (gravity pull) was adjusted to match Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade changes.

Nearly all creatures added by Immersive Creatures that should be affected by silver weapons will be affected by the silver arrows. I tried to cover as many as possible without the need to use the mod as a master or to create a patch. I think only Imperial and Stromcloak Skeletons will not be affected.

Included in this mod is the option to craft silver bolts. They will provide the same bonus as arrows.


Since version 1.6 crafting piercing and silver arrowheads and arrows at a forge requires perks from the Smithing skill perk tree. When I say requires I mean you may disable this feature in MCM but enabling and disabling it may require saving and loading game to take effect.

By default in vanilla game, crafting silver arrowheads and arrows requires the Basic Smithing perk (the first one). Crafting piercing arrowheads and arrows requires either Advanced or Orcish smithing.

So far patches for the following perk tree overhaul mods exist so that more suitable perks which they add can be used:

 - Perkus Maximus (the Warrior module)
 - Skyrim Redone
 - Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul

Many mods that change the Smithing perk tree should work in a balanced manner without a patch including:

 - Smithing Perks Overhaul - Remade
 - Linear Smithing Tree


If you are using SkyUI you may configure several aspects of this mod easily be opening the MCM.

These options are stored as Global Variables and thus may be changed without the MCM as well. Enabling/disabling piercing and silver arrowheads can also be achieved without MCM by starting/stopping quests. I'll share the details if anyone is interested.


A light setup script is run each time a game is loaded (starts 2 seconds after) and anytime settings are changed via MCM.
There is neither continuously running script nor event triggered.


Q: Will you add ability to reclaim arrowheads from dead bodies?
A: No because realistically the only way to reclaim an arrowheads is while it is attached to the shaft in which case you get the whole arrow.

Q: Will you add ability to assemble and disassemble bolts anywhere?
A: Not yet decided whether or not assembling bolts away from the forge is realistic. Also crossbows suck. (;

Q: Why cannot I assemble arrows at a tanning rack?
A: By default the crafting method is selected automatically: for example if you are using Frostfall you must use Frostfall Survival crafting menu to craft arrows. Since version 1.2 you can select which method you prefer in MCM.


 - Merged plugins for the most popular patches.
 - New models for armor piercing arrow projectiles.
 - Add custom crafting option to allow crafting anywhere without Frostfall and Hunterborn.
 - Recycling arrowheads from Immersive Weapons arrows, give the piercing or silver effect to some where appropriate.


No vanilla records were overwritten so there should not be that kind of conflict.
Vanilla leveled lists are updated via script in a way that should not interfere with any other mod.


Feel free to use your favorite mod manager to install and uninstall this mod. Load order makes no difference and there are no extra steps needed to upgrade. Manual installation should be as easy if you must.


Most of the features of this mod rely on the brilliant effort of the creators of SKSE.
Thanks to anyone who asked a beginner question on various forums in the Skyrim modding community so I didn't need to.
And thanks to all those who answered.