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Harvest hearts and human flesh from dead npcs.

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Have you ever wondered why human flesh and hearts are so rare and difficult to obtain, even though Skyrim is full of potential sources?

This mod is the fix for the short supply of human body parts in Skyrim.


This mod allows you to harvest human flesh and human hearts from dead humanoid NPCs. A special tool called "Dagger of Evisceration" is required to perform the act. You can craft the dagger at the forge in the "Steel" category (no perks required) or cheat it through the console. The dagger works like any other weapon and can be improved or enchanted.
To eviscerate a body simply equip the dagger (it's not required to draw it) and press E (or whatever key you mapped) to open the inventory of the NPC. A pop up window will appear. Select "Harvest organs" to eviscerate the body and aquire the flesh and heart or "Search" to open the inventory of the NPC. This window will only appear if the dagger is equipped. Unequip it to loot NPCs as usual.

But beware: Don't let anyone see you, because you will get a bounty of 40 Gold for such a savage action!


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
DLCs are not required


Install via NMM, Mod Organizer, or manual. The load order is irrelevant.


Unequip the dagger and remove the files or disable them in your modmanager.

Updating from old version:

Backup your savegame! Unequip the "Ring of Evisceration" ingame. Uninstall the mod completely and install the new version. The warning "This save game relies on content that is no longer available...." can be ignored. If there are any issues (I've tested it myself several times without any problems) revert to the old version.
There shouldn't be any problems, the new version removes the ring item and the container which contains it and that's the cause of the warning. The scripts are completely the same and shouldn't mess up anything. But keep a backup just in case.


This mod
should be compatible with everything. Please report any incompatibilities and bugs to me.


v1.1 This version replaces the "Ring of Evisceration" with the "Dagger of Evisceration". The Dagger has the same function, but is enchantable and can be improved.

v1.0 First release