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Adds to female/unisex leveled lists more available female NPCs for variety in different factions (bandits,vampires,guards,soldiers,stendarr,forsworn). They have custom spells,perks, ai and combat classes so Its compatible with everything using a wrye bash bashed patch.

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Wenches are happy about serving drinks,working at inns/castles and live a normal life in their towns, all people are happy about it, they are glad about their presence and to enjoy their beauty.
Even when sometimes wenches are annoyed by drunks and dovahweirdos they try to do their best and smile for them. : )


Some other wenches are tired of that...

Deadly Wenches


Adds to female/unisex leveled lists more available female NPCs for variety in different factions (bandits,vampires,guards,soldiers,stendarr,forsworn) its compatible with everything using a wrye bash bashed patch.

This mod doesnt add any custom bodies or armors, it will use your own mods and their hairs depend on the version of the Immersive Wenches mod.

Thanks to bluepixel for the pic of a Markarth guard, Since i didnt take any vanilla like screenshots, its a good example for it, i really like it :D

Mods used in my screenshots are Wench Body -Bodyslide 2 Preset- and Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide and TBBP HDT)


-Immersive Wenches-

1.5.4 version or later.

Files needed:
Immersive Wenches.esp

Optional Recommendation

I Highly recommend to use SkyHide - Dont Show Headgears - No Helmet Mod with this mod so you can see the faces/hairs of the guards. (other "deadly wenches"  have no helmets by default)


Imperial soldiers

Stormcloak soldiers

Holds Guards




Vigilants of Stendarr

[size=8]Info and notes:[/size]

-They have custom classes, ai data behavior, spells and perks so there are no conflicts with mods that changes vanilla ai combat behavior, i suggest to use this mod along those kind of mods.
-I suggest to set your Skyrim difficulty to Expert/Master using this mod. If you wanna play in Legendary i suggest to reduce "wench difficulty", its up to you.
-They are leveled to the player, but their stats scale better than other npcs.
-They will use custom spells/perks depending on their class (tank/mage,etc) along other vanilla ones depending on their factions.
-If you install the mod mid game you probably wont see them right away because your save will use the already spawned NPCs, it will take time for them to respawn so a "deadly wench" may appear , its better to use this mod on a new game because of that (or maybe wait 30 days ingame).

Optional Files

TERA Armors plugin


Since Ann Marie was glad Wenches improved his "delicate state of mind" he decided to give them a little gift since the usual bandit outfits are BOOOOORRRING!!!!


Deadly Wenches main file and depending on what body you use:

---TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim - Male and UNP female by asianboy345---

Files needed:
Deadly Wenches.esp

---TERA Armor Collection - CBBE - standalone by Frigus---

Files needed:
Deadly Wenches.esp

Info and notes:

-Guards will not be affected by this because Skyrim handles their equipment depending on their holds, probably for some soldiers is the same, for bandits or other enemies it will work.
-The Tera Outfits are leveled, so you wont see them all from the start, the more level they/you are, more outfits will be unlocked for them to use, the chances for them to wear a Tera outfit is 100% for the always esp and 14% for the random esp.
-It may look weird to see a lovely wench wearing some Tera outfit along other bandits wearing fur armors lol, but a little chaos doesnt hurt right?.
-Just in case: this isnt affecting Immersive Wenches, pictures were made like that because while doing them, I forgot the point was to show Deadly Wenches using the armors not regular wenches. I think you get the idea anyway lol
-A Delev tag was added to this optional plugin so it can overwrite my custom leveled lists, so it will be automatically added to the bash tags panel while doing a bashed patch.

Moar Deadly Wenches plugin


Removes female vanilla NPCs from female leveled lists and male vanilla NPCs from unisex leveled lists, so the chance to get a deadly wench from those lists will be 100%, male Leveled lists are still untouched so only males will spawn in spawn points using males leveled lists.

Info and notes:

-This changes will increase the number of wenches depending of what type of leveled lists a spawn point is using.
-The esp can be merged with a bashed patch while creating it so no extra esp if you use a bashed patch.
-Can be installed/uninstalled without problems, just update your bashed patch after that.
-If you are installing it midgame you wont see the changes immediately since the game will need time to reset spawn points.
-A Delev tag was added to this optional plugin so it can overwrite the changed leveled lists, so it will be automatically added to the bash tags panel while doing a bashed patch.


-Its compatible with everything using a wrye bash bashed patch, with it you will be able to combine leveled lists from different mods so all can work together.

Wrye Bash

-if you dont use a bashed patch then it will all depend on your load order, if you have a mod that changes the same leveled list, then the last one to load will take priority, for example if you use diverse guards or obis mod and place it after my mod, you wont see any of my guard/soldier or bandit NPCs, but if you use the bashed patch you will see NPCs from both mods, so use the patch is easy to make and its awesome.

-This mod doesnt edit anything about vanilla NPCs it just edits some female/unisex leveled lists so its compatible with other NPCs overhauls or combat mods like Revenge of the enemies.

Load Order:

-Obviously place it after Immersive Wenches mod and make a bashed patch to make your life easier!!!


-After replacing the old esp, dont forget to REBUILD your bashed patch.


Q: Can you make a version without requiring Immersive Wenches mod?
A: Never. Consider this mod an expansion of it, if you like this mod you most likely will like Immersive Wenches and viceversa.

Q: Their bodies are *insert adjetive* can you make a version for *insert body type*?
A: They will use whatever body/armor mod you are using, if you use vanilla bodies/armors they will have vanilla bodies/armors, if you use CBBE they will use CBBE, etc.

Q: I dont wanna use a bashed patch because reasons. Can you help me with my loadorder?
A: What? i didnt hear you... oh btw use a bashed patch for my mod.

Q: Will this make all enemies female?
A: No, i just edited female/unisex leveled lists, male leveled lists are untouched, so if the game allows a female NPC to spawn in a certain location, it may be a wench or a normal vanilla female NPC.

Q: Does this add more NPCs?
A: No (maybe in future versions i will add them though), if the game allows a female NPC to spawn in a certain location then it can be one of my wenches or a normal female NPC. If custom dungeons,cities or similar mods use vanilla lvled lists they can spawn there too.

Q: The Lore demands women in the kitchen!!! not in battle... (ugly women are ok though)
A: If you prefer to fight mostly sweaty,hairy beared men, use just my Immersive Wenches mod then.

Q: I thought i read deadly WRENCHES... i dont know why im here but i may comment how much i hate the mod anyway.
A: Ok... i will just look the other way and leave this esp file over here... i hope noone touch it and... OH MY GOD ITS GONE!!!


Thanks to asianboy345 for his TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim - Male and UNP female mod.
Thanks to Frigus for his TERA Armors Collection CBBE standalone conversion.
Thanks to raisuli2013 for his HDT and Bodyslide conversion for Frigus' Tera Armor Collection CBBE.
Thanks to Iromizu for his TERA Weapons Collection for Skyrim.
Thanks to Kastelan for making the DW CBBE TERA Armors patch and the Tera weapons patch.


-Just dont upload this and say you made it or something.
-If you want to share this mod please just link this page.
-You are free to make any translation, just send me a pm if you finished so i know and can link it here.
For some other things, send me a pm to know please.
-Live and let others live.
-Treat wenches with... love?
-To ignore my bad english...