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After finding out that Book Covers Skyrim added support for Read Books Aloud I was more than happy to finally add it to my load order.
Unfortunately, the only available Audio Book files I could find where the basic text-to-speech files generated by Sjors Boomschors. 
While those certainly do a well enough job, TTS-programms often lack the vocabulary of the ingame-universe to do a proper pronunciation of things like "Tsaesci", "daedric" and "Jyggalag".

So I started downloading and converting  for me personally pleasing Book Reading from Youtube, mainly for personal use, at least to bridge the time till more professional audio book files are available. (Just to make sure, the unprofessional in this equation is me, not the voice actors.)

Books Covered

16 Accords of Madness : Volume XII
2920 Volume 1 : Morning Star
2920 Volume 2 : Sun's Dawn
2920 Volume 3 : First Seed
2920 Volume 4 : Rains Hand
2920 Volume 5 : Second Seed
2920 Volume 6 : Mid Year

16 Accords of Madness Volume VI
16 Accords of Madness Volume IX

Roy Kelly
Night Falls on Sentinel
Surfeit of Thieves
The Locked Room
A Tragedy in Black
Ruminations on the Elder Scrolls
Forge, Hammer and Anvil
The Woodcutter's Wife
Troll Slaying
Myths of Sheogorath


GamerPoets' Book Readings 

Slothability's Book Readings

Roy Kelly's Book Readings


Install the Main file of Read Books Aloud - Optional: Install also the Audio Book Files. These will in some circumstances compete with my files, let my Mod overwrite (Mod Organizer Users: Give my files a higher priority.)
Install my files into the Data folder 

Manual Deinstallation

Delete the files found under data/sound/fx/readbooksaloud


• Chesko the original Creator of Read Books Aloud
• Sjors Boomschors for his expansion of Read Books Aloud and in his function as curator
Gamer Poets for his readings of "16 Accords of Madness : Volume XII" and "2920" Volume 1-6
Slothability for his readings of "16 Accords of Madness : Volume VI" and "16 Accords of Madness : Volume IX"
Roy Kelly for his readings of "Night Falls on Sentinel", "Surfeit of Thieves", "The Locked Room", "A Tragedy in Black", 
"Ruminations on the Elder Scrolls", "Forge, Hammer and Anvil", "The Woodcutter's Wife", "Troll Slaying" and "Myths of Sheogorath"