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A resurrection and renewal of the old mod "Castle Strunmah" by yevic1992. Features a moderately sized castle near Dragon's Bridge, many containers, bedroom for followers, accessible towers and walls, and has see-through windows.

Permissions and credits
This is a resurrection of the famously awesome Castle Strunmah mod by yevic1992. I do think the original was probably the most original, creative, and beautiful castle mod that was ever made, and I do give yevic1992 all of the credit for the original idea and the majority of the content of this mod. However, the original mod had a few issues, like bad fps and lack of storage, so thats were I come in. I have edited the original mod to hopefully fix all the old issues, and will add new features as time goes on. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments.

-Moderately sized castle on the mountain south-west of Dragon's Bridge
-Forge, Smeltery, Grindstone, Workbench, and chopping block outside in the courtyard, with some storage for materials
-Alchemy and Enchanting room
-Kitchen with Cooking Pot
-Followers Bedroom, with 3 Beds
-Master Bedroom
-Total of 12 bookshelves, plus 2 Winterhold Bookshelf Containers
-5 Mannequins
-8 Weapon Plaques
-4 Display Cases
-2 Water Basins for RND users
-Small backstory added about the castle its previous owners
-Look at the changelog to see what I changed from the original mod
In Version 2.0
-Additional Cell for followers including 8 cots and 3 noble beds
-The walls and towers are now navmeshed and accessible
In Version 2.3
-The Castle can be seen from almost everywhere outside from Solitude to the Shrine of Peryite

The castle was previously owned by a noble who obtained his wealth by trade, and has recently started traveling to Solitude to meet with Vittoria Vicci. See if you can find him and claim his home.

Hint: The noble didn't make it very far from his castle, his body is in a nearby forsworn camp.

Simply install via NMM, or move the Castle Strunmah.esp and Castle Strunmah.bsa into your Data folder
Also always remember to back up your save

Often times simply uninstalling the old version and installing the new version is sufficient, but I would recommend removing everything from the house and making a clean save in an interior cell if you are updating from the original mod. Also, always make a backup before updating.

Remove everything from the castle, and go save in an interior cell away from the castle. Then simply uninstall with NMM, or remove Castle Strunmah.esp and Castle Strunmah.bsa from the Data folder.

Known Bugs:
-The mannequins may not be at the right spot when first entering the castle, simply give them something to wear, and take it off and they should move back to the right spot.
-Some of the Weapon Plaques are bugged, I would recommend saving before attempting to use them.
-The two towers outside the castle might be invisible, this is a bug with the creation kit, simply restart the game and they should reappear.
Fixed in V2.3 :D
-There might be floating grass and rocks outside, if so follow this:

-Touring Carriages

Possible Future Features:
-Hearthfires Multiple Adoption Support (as this requires Hearthfires I will probably hold off on this for a little bit)
-Separate Guard Tower cell for Followers Now in version 2.0!
-Cellar/Dungeon/Crypt cell
-Bathhouse or Bathroom
-Better interior lighting colors
-Fix the bugged weapon plaques
-Fully fleshed-out quest to obtain the castle
-Weather in the interior cell viewed through the windows (FYI I don't know how to do this yet)
-Some sort of hiring system to repopulate the castle (FYI I also don't know how to do this either)

Recommended Mods:
-Another Mannequin Script Fix - Fixes the mannequins so they won't be all over the place every time you go in the castle
-Female Mannequins - For those who play female characters
-Bookshelves Updated SKSE Script - So you can have more than a dozen books in a bookshelf
-My Home is Your Home - Allows you to bring in some of your favorite followers to live with you
-Multiple Floors Sandboxing - Allows your followers to actually use the bedroom