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This mod ties every Armor/Weapons Materials Keyword to a Smithing perk. This mean you can now double-improve every weapon in the game, assuming you have the proper Smithing perk. You honestly cannot imagined how poorly-designed the Smithing perks were. Compatible with almost every crafting mod out there.

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Note 1: Compatible with pretty much every crafting mod out there. The only mods that will conflict are mods similar to HBE - Hardcore and Balanced Experience which implements their own Smithing perks tweaks.
Note 2: The mod works extremely well with Complete Crafting Overhaul and Weapons and Armor Fixes. I very highly-recommend to use both of those along with Smithing Perks Overhaul for an optimal gaming experience. Using all three together means you do not need Legendary Smithing Upgrades.
Note 3: Versione Italiana, da Arter.


[size=30]How to Install[/size]

Automatic Install (recommended)
1) Download SPO with the Nexus Mod Manager.
2) Activate the mod, and follow instructions.

Manual Instructions (not recommended)
* Extract Data\Smithing Perks Overhaul - Balanced Version.esp or Data\Smithing Perks Overhaul.esp into your \Skyrim\Data folder.


[size=30]What the mod does...[/size]

For the more technically-minded, it specifically either adds (or reassigns) material keywords (e.g. ArmorMaterialImperialStudded, shortened to "Imperial Studded" in the above table) to appropriate perks, leading to proper behaviour for items associated to that keyword.

Let's take a simple case of the various types of Imperial gear.
* Imperial Heavy Armor (marked with ArmorMaterialImperialHeavy)
* Imperial Light Armor (marked with ArmorMaterialImperialLight)
* Imperial Studded Armor (marked with ArmorMaterialImperialStudded)

If you check the table for Vanilla behaviour, you see that only ArmorMaterialImperialHeavy is present. This means you can improve Imperial Heavy Armor twice as much, but not the Imperial Light Armor or Imperial Studded Armor, even if you mastered the secrets of Daedric gear. Try figuring that one out.

With this mod, most of the "Grr, why can't I get this Imperial Bow in line with the Hunter's Bow???" type of frustration goes away. You probably thought "Well both Bows require Steel Ingots, so both are steel, right?" Well no, both are not steel. The Imperial Bow was marked with WeapMaterialImperial, and the Hunter's Bow was marked with WeapMaterialSteel.

So what does Smithing Perks Overhaul do? Well it basically takes EVERY material keywords, and ties them to perks. This would fix everything... except that several weapons are missing their material keywords (e.g., Thieves Guild Armor), or have the wrong ones (e.g., Ancient Nord Armor, which is considered Daedric by Vanilla). To fix those issues get Weapons and Armor Fixes. And to make things worse, several crafting recipes are simply missing from the game for unfathomable reasons (if you wondered why you could not craft Skyforge Steel Daggers, or Nord Hero Bows, this is why). To fix those, you need Complete Crafting Overhaul. For crafting to work as intended, you need all three mods.

[size=30]What the mod does not do...[/size]

1) The mod does not break low-level gameplay.

If a recipe did not require the Steel Smithing perk before, it will not require the Basic Smithing perk now.

2) The mod does not break game balance.

The Honed Falmer / Draugr Weapons are exactly between Elven and Glass weapons, damage wise, which is why they are tied to the Advanced Smithing perk. The normal Falmer / Draugr weapons are tied to the Steel Smithing perk, because they are essentially crap weapons, inline with Steel-grade (or lower) weapons.

3) The mod does not "forget" weapons or armors, unless the game itself forget to assign them keywords.

For example, you do not see the "Falmer" entry in the "armors" column of the Basic/Steel Smithing perk -- that is because they are assigned the ArmorMaterialSteel keyword (no ArmorMaterialFalmer keyword exists, which is why it's not listed in the above table). However see note 4 below.

4) The mod does not fix weapons and armors with bad or missing material assignments.

For instance several, but not all, of the vanilla Draugr Armors have the ArmorMaterialDaedric keyword (yes you read that right) instead of ArmorMaterialSteel, and you will still need the Daedric Smithing Perk to double-improve them. To fix those, get Weapons and Armor Fixes

5) The mod does not fix bad or missing crafting recipes.

For instance, the Skyforge Steel Dagger does not have a crafting recipe, and you will still not be able to craft it. To fix those, get Complete Crafting Overhaul.

Version History
v1.00 -- Original Release
v1.10 -- Cleanup .esp files, balance tweak (Elven Gilded armors now part of Advanced Smithing), rename Dragon Armor to Dragon Smithing for greater compatibility with mods that add Dragon weapons, better perk descriptions.
v1.11 -- Fix packaging mistake.