Skyrim - jumping shadows Fix by Smartman
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Added: 13/01/2012 - 03:17AM
Updated: 13/01/2012 - 03:24AM

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Last updated at 3:24, 13 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 3:17, 13 Jan 2012

This is for all of you who do not yet know how smooth the Sunshadows in Skyrim can move...

i turned the timescale to 2000 so you see it moving faster

here is the fix... it has to be addet into your SKYRIM.INI ! (not SkyrimPrefs...!) IMPORTANT!

Open your Skyrim.ini with editor (find it in C:\Users\xxxxxxx\Documents\My Games\Skyrim)
and just add this under [Display]:


You may play with the values yourself... i found this were best for me tough... :)

that should be like almost realtime shadow movements now...
-- no FPS loss for me as far as i can tell...
but keep in mind that this makes the enging render the shadows almost instantly...
you might need a Highend Rig... -- Please someone comment with low/mid range pc

i love it these way much more...

EDIT: i know this has been in some guides... but still so many do not know this special part of editing the movement of shadows...

i do not deserve any credit other than telling you folks about how to...
i do not know who "invented" this codelines... guess it was someone over at Bethesta... correct me if i'm wrong...