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About this mod

Provides visual shelter to Frostfall tents. Takes into account tent position/rotation as well as snow direction/speed/intensity. Works will all weathers.

Permissions and credits
Real Shelter: Frostfall Tents (v2.6)
"The More Companion-y Frostfall Companion"


Update: February 14th

Chesko has taken over this mod.  Expect some awesome updates in the near future.

0.9a2 Changes
- Snow textures should show up now! -
- Added a Small Tent version which includes small tents, this is only intended for those who use forced 1st person mods.

Update Instructions
- Uninstall 0.9a -
- Download and Install 0.9a2 -
- Uninstall RSPatch.esp -
- Grab and install the latest R.S.Patch Template and R.S.Patcher scripts -
 - ReRun R.S.Patcher -

What Is This?

This mod is pretty simple.  When you enter a deployed tent in Frostfall the snow and rain will not seep through the roof.

Here's two videos showing what I mean:  (rain)


How Does This Work? 

Exactly how Real Shelter does it. 
As this requires Real Shelter I decided to not copy and paste the entire description again.

(Note:  Those In YELLOW means not implemented yet!)

[NOTE:  Using the Console command 'fw'  WILL NOT WORK] 
If you want to test functionally, keep traveling until you encounter the weather naturally!
(Usually Falkreach and Winterhold have the highest precipitation chances)

Notice: Please Keep Rain and Snow Emitter count below 64 for stable performance.  Any higher and it may cause unexpected CTDs!

1. Download and install this file.
2. Goto Real Shelter and download and install everything there, including running the patch.
   - Load order:
RealShelterFF.esp (this file)
[Any RealShelter Compatibility Patches]

3. Run loot if you have it.
4. Make Sure that RSPatch.esp is at the end of your modlist.  (But just before any Skyproc/SUM/Bash/Warburg esps)

1. Pack Up All Deployed Tents
2. Save and Quit
3.  Uninstall Via NMM or Manually Remove:


"data/meshes/actors/wisp/character assets"


More Info:

How is this addition different than Real Shelter?


As tents are deployable, and not static like most landscape and buildings,  I created a whole new script to handle it.
  • Still very non-invasive.  Everything relies on object references and one spell
  • Frostfall specific additions to the Real Shelter MCM menu.

If at any point in time you need to uninstall this mod you can do so without any save-game bloat whatsoever. Yay!

Unlike standard Real Shelter,  the snow and rain that you see outside of your tent is dynamically created on the spot depending on what type of precipitation is occurring outside. 

  • Not only will the snow roughly be going in the same direction,  it will also be going the same speed(I have not made the meshes for this yet).
  • Therefore be careful where you place your tent,  as facing the opening into the wind may not be the best idea.
  • I have done unspeakable experiments to the wispmother mesh in nifskope to provide you with the most accurate rain particle emitter available on the nexus,  seriously. 
  • It won't effect the actual wispmothers in game, don't worry

What are the limitations?

As I feel transparency is the way to go for any mod here are some of the limitations:

When you see the notification that the sky is clearing up and you are still inside of the tent, please wait until the rain or snow clears up before leaving the tent, otherwise it will revert back to stormy weather for another few hours. (usually you will not need to wait for more than 5 seconds, or you can use the wait function and wait one hour)

If you look at the tent from directly above you will see no rain particles emitting over the tent.
  • You will never see this unless you deliberately place the camera there.
Unfortunately I do not see a way to easily match the rain density of supreme storms using the new emitter.
  • Therefore I have provided an option for the standard Real Shelter rain to appear as an alternative.
  • It will still look good when 1st person, but it will not look so hot when the camera is not inside of the tent.
  • This can be toggled in the MCM menu or through console 'set RS_FFUseRSStatic to 1'.
I could not create a sheltered snowstorm that would look good when the camera is not inside of the tent.
  • I tried adding up to 256 snow emitters and placing them around the tent,  it still looked horrible and melted skyrim.
  • Unfortunately I do not know of a way around this.