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Realistic Ores in HD!
Modification changes models, textures, physics and effects of ORES on more realistic in HD.

Permissions and credits
Remastered Realistic HD Ores for SE HERE!

Realistic Ores in HD!

Modification changes:

 - Models (remodeled and smoothed)
 - Textures (diffuse, normal, specular, environment)
 - Physics (more realistic)
 - Effects (normal, specular, environment)

What ores are changed:
- Iron Ore
- Silver Ore
- Gold Ore
- Corundum Ore
- Malachite Ore

- Ebony Ore
- Quicksilver Ore
- Orichalcum Ore
- Moonstone Ore

[font=Comic Sans MS]Instalation:

Copy the Data folder and overwrite it with the existing one in the main game folder.

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