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This mod makes Falskaar RnD-compatible.

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What is this mod?
This is a quick remake of the old Falskaar RND patch which used to be here:
I pulled it from Nexus because it was old, outdated and didn't even work properly.
And now due to popular demand it's back. And it should work fine... I think.

What does it do?
Two simple things:
1. It adds Realistic Needs and Diseases effects to all the Falskaar foods and drinks.
2. It adds the RnD Drink from Stream effect to the water in Falskaar (sea, rivers, lakes).

Compatibility notes / Load order instructions:
The patch was designed to work with Falskaar 1.1.4 and Realistic Needs and Diseases 1.9.5.
But don't worry if you're using earlier/later versions, it should still work fine and won't break anything.

Just place it below both Falskaar.esm and RealisticNeedsAndDiseases.esp in your load order and you're done.

Mod conflicts:
Any mod that changes the Falskaar foods and drinks, and any mod that alters the Falskaar waters.
Such as:

Falskaar translation mods: my patch will override the translations, so the food names will show up in english again. No solution available.

Pure Waters mod: my patch forces the game to use the default water textures rather than the Pure Waters textures. Solution: download the Falskaar RnD Pure Waters patch here:
And load it AFTER my patch.

Falskaar Green Water fix: if loaded after my patch, will cause the Drink From Stream option to not function. No solution available.


Anyway, that should be it. Let me know if the patch works as intended, it hasn't been thoroughly tested.
Happy gaming!