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2.0 Released! NOw a total of 70 Female Warpaints distributed as a RaceMenu Plugin. 2k Resolution.

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WG Warpaints 2.0 is here!
This update adds an additional 50 new Warpaints to the Makeup Overlay category of Racemenu. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded so far as well as given feedback and pictures. Its been much appreciated and is always fun for me to see what creativity the community does with this little bit of modding I can do. Also thanks to everyone who gave suggestions of new Warpaints for this update. While not everything suggested made it in, there may still be more to come in the future.

Once again it is super de duper mega hyper ultra suggested to use MOD ORGANIZER.
Uninstall any previous versions of WG Warpaints
(all files included in the archive.) Do not keep any of these as they no longer serve a purpose. The older ESPs, scripts, and textures are no longer needed.

Install all the files in the new archive. (Textures, A Script file, and an ESP.)
Make sure its activated in your mod list and run LOOT.

A few were renamed in the selection menu  for greater clarity but because their file names are unchanged it should not remove the paint if it is currently equipped when you move to the updated version.

Lastly I don't make presets of my characters, and you can find a copy of my modlist on my tumblr. Go there if you wanna figure out what they are wearing. Questions regarding these things will be ignored.

DragonPorn did a review of 2.0 for those who understand Japanese.

2.0 Video!

1.1 Information is listed below this line.

27! Gothic and Pop Culture inspired Warpaints for Females in 2k Resolution.

This is my first official mod release. I couldn't find any warpaints I really liked so I decided to make my own.
Note: Some line distortion may happen based on your face Meshes/Shape.
The Bowiebolt and Nocturne Paints are meant to be used together with Racemenu Overlay Layering.

Requires Racemenu.
Highly suggest installing via Mod Organizer.
NMM is ok too.

In your SKSE.INI make sure you have:


All Files go in Data Folder

wgwarpaints1p1.esp load order doesn't matter, but you should use


1.)In game switch your character's warpaint to something else.
2.)Then uninstall via your mod manager

2.): Remove all files packaged in the rar from your Data  folder.

Follow Uninstallation instructions then install the new package!

Inspired By
80s Gothic Makeup
The Endless Death
Eye of Ra
Sailor Moon
Clockwork Orange
Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne
Princess Mononoke
Tenchi Muyo

Drawn in GIMP2.0

Omg 1.1 Video Reviews? Thanks!

Thanks to
Expired6978 for Racemenu
vinniewryan for the
RM ModMaker

You can find more screenshots and in progress work on my Skyrim tumblr.

 (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Hot files? Thanks everyone! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ