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performance friendly overhaul of farmhouses and orc-settlements

Permissions and credits

Parallax textures and meshes for farmhouses.

Many textures were overlapping with Orclonghouse set, decided to edit that one too...
Touring carriages and some farm/orc furniture stuff are revised as well ;)
also the fence-meshes are released from awfull AA flickering...

You better don't use DDS-Optimizer or alike, the textures are already saved to their best.
This set needs less V-Ram than any other mod in regarding size anyway...

Fully compatible with Better Dynamic Snow and No Snow under the roof.

The modder Therobwil offers a patch for Fences of Skyrim, you can download it here:

File credits

Great thanks to Cabal120 for allowing me to use his awesome stonewall and window textures.

To Nebula1, You might recognize his interior thatch texture

and to Zerwas1 aka Pfuscher for the parallax base meshes, they were a great help and saved me a lot of work

At last but not least Brumbek, his meshes are part of this mod as always ;)

Screens are welcome!