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This is a collection of Map Markers.

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  [1] Messages
       [2014-11-22] Version 1.02 uploaded ! Erased Unused FormId.
       [2014-11-22] Version 1.01 uploaded ! Someone brought to my attention that there were still some dirty edits. Recleaned the mod.
       [2014-11-21Version 1.00 uploaded !

  [2] Description
   [2.1] Ardox's Collection

          Skyrim can load barely more than 250 ESP and ESM at a time. However, only on this site, there's more than 36 000 mods for Skyrim
          and some need multiple ESP files to load. Either, a modder decides to erase old mods or to merge mods in order to have new mods.

          So I have decided to merge together mods that are  "related" (-ish). I'm using TES5Edit and the merge script that I found on Nexus
          to create merged mod for myself and I thought that I could save the hassle to learn how to play with records to other players.
          Basically, I didn't alter the content of these mods : I just fuse esp together. That means that :

          1. They are the very same mods that you can find here on the Nexus.
                 I DO NOT alter the content (except for the cleaning I did with TES5Edit).
                 Link towards the mods in section [2.1].
                 Version used for fusion in section [4].

          2. They can be use standalone.
                 You won't need to download the original version to use this mod.

          I've decided to upload some of the merged mod I've done. The mods has been selected by these following criteria :

          1. They are (somewhat) popular.
                 There's very little interest to a collection of unpopular/unknown/broken mods.

          2. They are (somewhat) related.
                 So it's not like a weird trail mix of random mods.

          3. They haven't been updated since a long time.
                 Popular +"Old / Mature" = Stable. That means that this mod merge stable mod that are unlikely to change.

   [2.1] Map Markers Collection

          Original Content ~ GO TRACK/ENDORSE THESE MODS TOO
             Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers 
             The Cartographers Map Markers 
             Labeled Mines 
             Unmarked Places - Dragon Mounds 
             Unmarked Places - Shrines 

          Merged Content Files (Merged Order) 
             Cartographers Map Markers.esp
             ShiverTwitch's Labeled Mines.esp
             Unmarked Places - Dragon Mounds.esp
             Unmarked Places - Dragon Mounds.esp
             Unmarked Places - Shrines.esp
             ARDX-Patch-Markers.esp (TES5Edit patch created for these mod)

   [2.3] Requirements

          None - Everything from the merged mod are included in this mod. You won't need the original mod.

  [3] Credit

             toaDime : Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
             Feyawen : The Cartographers Map Markers 
             ShiverTwitch : Labeled Mines
             LoganZezima : Unmarked Places - Dragon Mounds
             LoganZezima : Unmarked Places - Shrines

          Modding Tools
             matortheeternal : Merge Plugins xEdit Script
             Sharlikran and ElminsterAU : TES5Edit

  [4] Merged Mod Versions

          1.02 - Minor Update. Same as Version 1.00. 
          1.01 - Minor Update. Same as Version 1.00. 
                •  Same as version 1.00 

          1.00 - Original version. This mod include everything in the following mods at the specified version. 
                    November 11, 2014
                •  BarenziahQuestMarkers.esp                    - version 1.3 | 06:53, 14 March 2012 
                •  Cartographers Map Markers.esp              - version 1.0 | 10:21, 19 April 2012 
                •  ShiverTwitch's Labeled Mines.esp            - version 2.1 | 23:44, 2 February 2013 
                •  Unmarked Places - Dragon Mounds.esp    - version 1.0 | 12:49, 9 February 2012 
                •  Unmarked Places - Shrines.esp               - version 1.0 | 11:48, 9 February 2012