About this mod

Serpentine Designed Armour Set. Unique. From Scratch. CBBE Curvy Body, UNP normal, and now Seraphim.

Permissions and credits

Black Sun Serpent Armour

CBBE CURVY BODYDimon99 UNP normal, and Seraphim

CBBE Update! I have dropped the weight on all pieces for CBBE and UNP. Much easier on Inventory and running. Never nude users still need to download the optional bodice file. Enjoy!

UNP has been updated with smaller file size, better folder structure and addition of body included inside of the bodice~
Download the appropriate file depending on what body you are using. UNP or CBBE.)

The optional Seraphim downloads are standalone.  The Seraphim body is recommended for the best results, and can be found here:  http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56463/?

Dream Girl Conversion by DanielTDrea can be found at

 Blood & Blue Moon Retexture of BlackSunSerpent Armor by cald123   http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60344/?

Check out my other work, as well. :)

  Credits:::   This armour was crafted by me, in 3ds Max, Gimp, and of course Nifskope. Nightasy's tutorial's at brainpoof were essential and recommended, so a big thanks his way for putting the information out there.
Thanks to XP32 for their skeleton, to Bethesda for Skyrim, Caliente for the CBBE body, Dimon99 for the UNP body and to the player base for downloading.

Black Sun Serpent is an armour inspired by Mayan myth/artifacts/legends/spirituality, as well as some of my favorite songs, I had been listening to at the time. Despite all this, it should fit into most players Skyrim environment well enough. Do not bother me with lore comments. Save that for your personal inner commentary.  Rude and unnecessary comments will me removed, etc.

     Craft at the forge under imperial category. I placed it here for being foreign in concept to Nordic armor and also, because this category is largely unused by most of the modding community.
Enchant at the table and upgrade at the bench.

Weight Slider from 0-100.
If you use an altered larger body than 100 "YOU" are responsible for resizing it. Do not ask me to do it for you. Not being cruel, but modding is a great deal of work and I have a 'life' outside of modding.


None known with other mods. This is piece by piece armor. If you mix it with another set, there will likely be clipping. A great deal of time was spent testing weapon wielding, posing, jumping, etc, to resolve body clipping. Most of it has been eliminated. Skeleton used in my game is XP32's.
Do not ask me to make my mod, compatible with umpteen different pose packs. Skinning/weight painting takes a lot of time and effort and I have put in a great deal of time, getting this set to the point it is at now.

Will I.... ?

Make this armour compatible with  bodies, 1 2 3 4, etc. Probably not. I like CBBE and have since made a UNP conversion for UNP fans. However!  I am not adverse to allowing other users to convert the armour to their desired body shape. Just PM me if you want to upload it.

Recolor this armour for XYZ reasons???

Possibly. Feel free to ask or do a recolor that you prefer. If you want to upload your work, Just PM me.

Make the chest bouncy?! 

Umm, no. Being female I have no interest in watching my companions junk, bounce around like a rubber ball.  That said, the optional Seraphim downloads (TBBP and HDT) will do this - courtesy of AlpineYJ. 

DO NOT Upload my Work to other sites without permission!!

Thanks! To everyone who tread the modding ground of Skyrim before me!

Enjoy ;)