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About this mod

Makes Perks work without the helmet or only 3 pieces for the full set.

Permissions and credits
Requires PerMa

Edits the Spells responsible for the full set requirements
so you get the bonus with nothing or a circlet or a dragon priest mask etc
Including the blacksmith bonus
(bonus effects u get from a full set of one material, read perk descriptions at PerMa Documents for more details :) ) 

here are the details
  • Potential:If PerMa_Warrior is active, doubles passive bonuses from Smithing for light material  armors. If not, grants these bonuses.
  • Bonemold: 10% less incoming damage from blunt weapons, 20% fire resistance
  • Chitin: -4 incoming weapon damage, and additional -4 damage from bladed weapons
  • Corundum: Health and Stamina regenerate 20% faster.
  • Daedric: incoming blade weapon attacks 10% armor and daedra summoning spells last 25% longer.
  • Dragonplate/Dragonscale: move 5% faster and deal 10% more damage with frost and fire.
  • Dwarven: take 15% less damage from Falmer and dwemer machines.
  • Ebony: magic resistance is increased by 10%.
  • Falmer: 50% poison resistance
  • Leather: gain 15% fire and frost resistance.
  • Malachite: 10% of all incoming spells are absorbed.
  • Moonstone: all spells are 5% cheaper to cast.
  • Morag Tong: Sneak attack multiplier increased by 0.5.
  • Nordic: 50% frost resistance
  • Orichalcum: orichalcum weapons deal 15% more damage.
  • Stalhrim: Incoming harmful shouts are 30% weaker. Works on top of any resistance.
  • Steel: incoming bow damage is reduced by 10%, and incoming crossbow damage is reduced by 20%.

Also works with Warforged :)

and i didnt edit any descriptions or perks so its fully compatible with Defluffed PerMa etc.!

Have Fun!

FAQ 101

Q:Do i need to run patcher after installing?

Q: Before or after this,that and that?
A:Let LOOT do its job and you will be fine