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Geralt's Raven's Armor from The Witcher 2. Light Armor. Male Only.

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Following on from my Iorveth Light Armor mod, here's a Light Armor version of the Raven's Armor from The Witcher 2.

Update 01/11/2015 : As you can probably guess from the long absence, I am doing nothing further with this mod. Do what you want with it but give a shout out to  L0rd0fWar and Dahaka002011 for the work they contributed as well if you release anything using assets from this mod.

Update 03/11/2012: Further work on this mod has been put on hold as I don't have the time at the moment to keep it maintained and updated. It's still not perfect but I think it is feature complete enough for some people to get enjoyment out of it. Thanks to you all for your support.

Please note that the original ports of the textures/meshes are (mostly) not my work. I took L0rd0fWar's Geralt and Iorveth models and made them into standalone armor sets. The dual swords trick comes courtesy of Dahaka002011's Witcher's Blades mod. If you like this mod, please go and give them both your endorsement!

Thanks also to TheXenophobe for his darker pants retexture, which is now the default pants texture as of v.07b.



- Standalone mod that doesn't replace any existing NPC armor.
- Benefits from Light Armor skill and perks.
- Male armor only.
- Craftable from a forge.
- Fully improvable on a workbench.
- Two different sets of Raven's Armor: a basic un-enchanted version and an upgraded version complete with some good witchery enchants.
- Fully craftable and improvable dual Witcher's steel/silver swords. (v0.4b)
- Slimline armor. (v0.4b)
- Silver sword comes in 1H/2H variants. (v0.5b)
- Cat potion (Night Eye effect) available for sale at Khajiit caravans. Very handy if you use a mod that makes dungeons and nights darker! (v0.6b)

A few notes on armor ratings and balance:

After deliberating over whether to make Geralt's armor light or heavy, I decided to try and find a happy medium between both. I feel light armor is more appropriate for a witcher, but as anyone who has played a light-armored character on Expert or Master knows, melee combat can be extremely unforgiving on the high difficulty settings. I have therefore allocated armor ratings which I think give sufficient survivability without being overpowered. If you disagree, I'd love to hear your comments.

About the swords:

In addition to making them craftable and improvable, I also tweaked the weapon stats. I've made them swing faster to fit in with Geralt's style of fighting, but reduced the damage to make them balanced. The standard Witcher swords do the same Damage Per Second (DPS) as the Skyforge Steel swords. The Superb ones are more in line with Ebony / Daedric. All swords benefit from / level 2H skill.

* Note that you must first install nockchaa's 1HD Weapons on Back mod, or it will be drawn from the hip instead (in 3rd person mode).*

Known Issues:

- Some clipping issues when mixing this armor with vanilla armor pieces.

Additional Recommended Mods:

+ High Res Face Maps for Men - younger-looking male faces.

+ AOF Believable Hair - Finer hair textures.

+ New Skin and Hair Colors - to make Geralt's hair more milky white than the default grey/white color.

+ Witcher Eyes - replaces the default yellow eye texture.

+ Duel - Combat Realism - improves melee combat in Skyrim by putting an emphasis on blocking and conserving stamina while also improving the enemy AI.

+ PISE - increases the difficulty and level scaling. I recommend playing with this mod on Master difficulty and not using health potions. This makes alchemy very useful and means you actually have to use your poisons and fortify armor/weapon potions if you want to survive bosses and groups of enemies.



1. Just drop the .esp file, textures and meshes folders into your skyrim/data folder. Merge if prompted.
2. Make sure the plugin is enabled by using NMM or the Data Files option in the Skyrim Launcher.
3. Important! - If you are using both this and the Iorveth Light Armor mod, make sure that the Geralt plugin is loaded after Iorveth's in the load order, or some of the Light Armor perks will not work.


How to get the armor:

Available at the forge, under the MISC tab (requires the Steel Smithing perk):


Raven Boots (xx001003)
Raven Armor (xx001004)
Raven Gloves (xx001005)

Upgraded and enchanted:

Superb Raven Boots - (Stamina regenerates 30% faster.) (xx001009)
Superb Raven Armor - (+20% magic resistance and Two-Handed weapons do 10% (more damage.) (xx00100A)
Superb Raven Gloves - (Created potions are 20% more powerful.) (xx00100D)

Or you can add the items via the console:

1. Open the console with the `(tilde) key.
2. Use the command "player.additem" and then the item code (listed above) where xx = the load order number of the Geralt Light Armor plugin (see the Plugins tab in NMM) e.g. "player.additem 1E001003 1" to get the Ravens Boots.
3. Alternatively you can search for the item codes using the "help <keyword> 4" (e.g. "help raven 4") to give you a list of all the items in the game with the word "raven" in the name. Use PgUp to scroll up the list.

How to get the Witcher swords:

Available at the forge, silver swords under the MISC tab, steel under Steel. All require the Steel Smithing perk :

Steel Witcher Sword (xx001012A)
Silver Witcher Sword (xx001011029)
Silver Witcher Sword 1H (xx0010101F)

To improve the Silver sword, you need at least 60 Smithing Skill and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

Or you can add the items via the console, again using the above method.

How to get the Cat potion:

Available from Khajiit caravans or via the console. The item code for the potion is xx00101B.



N.B. - I have not changed the name of the .esp since v.02b because I realised that doing so would mean that anyone upgrading from an older version would lose all their gear. Hence, all subsequent versions will continue to be named "Geralt_RavenArmor_v02b.esp".

Version 1.1.1

+ Fixed a texture mapping bug in the armor.

Version 1.1

+ Increased armor rating for Superb Armor to be in line with Glass.
+ Added new Superb swords (moar damage!)

Version 1.0.2

+ Fixed a bug where player-enchanted armor was not improvable.

Version 1.0.1

+ Fixed a bug where the steel sword could not be improved to legendary quality.

Version 1.0

+ Added armor models for crafting/inventory menus.

Version 0.9b

+ New, remapped blood effect meshes to fit the new swords. Recolored witcher medallion and strap buckles (see screenshots).

Version 0.8b

+ Updated the sword models with new ones I ported from the Witcher 2.

Version 0.7b

+ Sword belt added! Meshes/textures borrowed from L0rd0fWar's Seltkirk Armor model.
+ Fixed a lighting bug where the armor would occasionally appear totally black.
+ Minor armor retexture.
+ TheXenophobe's darker pants retexture now included as the default.

Version 0.6b

+ Silver sword now comes in both 1H/2H variants in the same plugin.
+ Added a Cat Potion. (Night Eye effect, lasts 5 minutes).
+ Reduced the size of Geralt's boots.

Version 0.5.1b

+ Fixed a bug where the 1H silver sword was leveling 1H skill despite benefiting from 2H skill and perks.

Version 0.5b

+ Witcher's Silver Sword now behaves like a 1H weapon.
+ Silver sword damage decreased / swing speed increased.
+ Steel sword damage increased / swing speed decreased.

Version 0.4b

+ Geralt has been on a diet. Slimmer armor (see screenshots for comparison).
+ Reduced dual sword clipping when Steel sword equipped.

Version 0.3b

+ Added Witcher Swords.

Version 0.2b

+ Fixed a bug which prevented the Matching Set and Custom Fit perks from working properly.

I'm new to modding, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone finds a bug or two. Please let me know in the comments and I'll try to fix it asap.



A big "thank you" goes to L0rd0fWar for doing the port and for giving me permission to make the mod standalone, Dahaka002011 for his cunning dual swords trick, and to CD Projekt Red for creating their awesome Witcher 2 models and allowing modders to use them as a resource.