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Enables Hunterborns hunting knives to activate the tanning rack from crafting requires tools

Permissions and credits
Original mod, Crafting Requires Tools, adds immersion to the game by creating then need for you to have basic tools in order to use the crafting stations. For example a blacksmith hammer to use the forge or workbench, iron dagger to use the tanning rack etc... If you're not familiar with the main mod then you can find out anything you need to know from the main site linked above.

I'm a huge fan of immersion!! Which is exactly why I wanted to make this patch. Using Crafting Requires Tools along side Frostfall, Hunterborn, needs mod etc... does a great job of adding that little extra realism when it comes to crafting. The problem is that when it comes to the tanning rack, the ONLY dagger that will work is a basic iron dagger. It didn't make good sense that I'm always carrying a hunting knife from Hunterborn in order to skin wild animals to get their pelts... but then ALSO have to carry an "iron dagger" in order to use the tanning rack.

This is a simple mod that fixes just that. Now you  can use the old iron dagger if you want, but you can also use ANY of the hunting knives added by Hunterborn. If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them. I have been thinking also about adding "Steel Daggers" to the list also, let me know what you think.

Credits :
sagittarius22 : Author of Crafting Requires Tools 

unuroboros : Author of the amazing Hunterborn

Although this is a replacer ESP file, you will still need to download both mods, then use this patch to replace the original ESP.