Dizzy Set Bunny Suit - Just for FUN by Meister aka Neovinci
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Added: 13/11/2014 - 10:09AM
Updated: 10/01/2015 - 02:51PM

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Last updated at 14:51, 10 Jan 2015 Uploaded at 10:09, 13 Nov 2014

Dizzy Set by Neo

Made by Meister aka Neovinci

Update V1.20 (January, 2015)


UNP TBBP (with DS)

Dream Girl TBBP (with DS)

================================= Description =================================

Just for FUN!

This mod is a set of items from several mods I've made for my female Characters.

This mod add some Skimpy Bunny Costumes and funny items in your game.

Not enchanted.


Not Lore-friendly.

- Actually it was my personal mod(not for public release), so please don't mention lore-firendly things....

-A Container Poach located near by Riverwood mill. (please watch my sample video or screenshots)

BTW, "Dizzy" is her name, my dancing character in Sample videos. XD

===== Update V1.10 =====

Modified Gloves and Tights Textures Updated.

 *** Not full version. Original file(s) required. ***

Location and Types

-You can make "Armours" with "Elven" and "Dwarven" perks.

- Included Clothings are most important Ingrediant of Armours.

- All Armours are also temperable.

-Currently Dramgirl Normal and TBBP / UNP Normal and TBBP Custom / CBBE Normal and TBBP

There is possibility contorted unnaturally with some active poses.

Use 7z tool, Unzip and Drag into DATA folder where your Skyrim is installed. (..STEAM/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data)

MO user, just install and rename(If you want) of it.

Have an exciting Journey in Skyrim.

================================= Requirement =================================

Dream Girl by Petrovich :

Any CBBE TBBP Body for CBBE TBBP version

UNP Textures for UNP TBBP users.

TBBP Animation for TBBP version users

============================== Credit =================================

thanks to
Betheada for this wonderful land.

Petrovich for Pretty "Dream Girl" Body

Halofarm for wonderful Studio.

Blender developers

Members of 'NAVER ElderScrolls7', 'Testing Hall', and 'Elderscroll' Cafe members

Staff membership and friends of NEXUSMODS.COM

================================= Usage =================================

You can do whatever with it for personal usage.
It's not free for other's Conversion, neither Upload on any other sites.
Do not upload anywhere include Steam workshop without my Permission.
If You want it, Send A PM or Mail to Me.