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All credits for the weapons belong to Dreogan. This mod simply adds the left-hand meshes for DSR. Original mod is required as no other files but the new meshes are included.

Permissions and credits
Ever since the whole Steam curated workshop fiasco, Dreogan has removed/hidden most of their mods from the Nexus, including the original mod for this patch. There's nothing I can do about it, but I'll leave this patch available should anyone want it, if they already have the original mod.

Dovahmaar and Dovahfaas are powerful swords released a while back by Dreogan, but it seems no DSR patch were ever made for the longsword variant (Dovahfaas). With the original author's permission, I decided to do it and share it here.

- Dovahmaar and Dovahfaas - The Dragon Reavers. The patch only contains the added DSR meshes and nothing more.
- Dual Sheath Redux by Neovalen.

- Simply use your favorite mod organizer to install (MO or NMM).
- For manual installing, extract the content and drop it in your Skyrim > Data folder
- Make sure to run the Dual Sheath Redux patcher after installing. If using more than one patchers, use SUM - SkyProc Unified Manager


- Deactivate the mod in your mod organizer
- For manual uninstalling, remove these two files under the following directory (Data > meshes > weapons > daedricakiviri):
-- 1stpersondovahfaasLeft.nif
-- 1stpersondovahfaasSheath.nif

Thank you to Dreogan for allowing me to upload this patch.
Thank you to Neovalen and WilliamImm for making Dual Sheath Redux.
If you endorse this, please don't forget to endorse DSR and the original mod as well!