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Custom meshes to allow for elaborate Telvanni constructions.

Permissions and credits
Requires Dragonborn DLC
Nexus Exclusive Mod -- Do NOT upload this file to other sites.

This modders resource comes with an .ESP file included so you can easily check out all the items yourself in the creation kit without the need to add them one by one, the interior location cell for this is called "AAA_TELVANNI_TESTROOM".

These are the Telvanni Building meshes I used to create my mod "Tel Nalta II".
They are a mix of different modders resources and different modders helped in the creation of these meshes as well.

My modders resource is in effect a BIG continuation of "Telvanni Tower Resources" by Earrindo (,
some of my own assets have the same names as hes assets, but make sure you copy my files over hes files in case you are also using hes pack since I fixed all hes original assets from any issues they might have had.
For example, some of Earrindo's meshes had improper colors/shine on them, or even small gaps you could see through, if you see a mesh in my modders resource with the same name, then it is the exact same mesh as before, except fixed from any issues it might have had.
95% of hes assets are also included in this pack in one form or another, as well as so many other resources from other packs for Oblivion or even
Morrowind that are in here, and of course a few completely new assets that I created on my own.
I searched the internet for everything that I could find (with permissions granted of course) and then edited everything to my own taste and combined them all into this one pack.

-Some assets were never used and thus never completely fixed up, so there is some bad looking junk in here as well.

-Ac3s (I edited the existing meshes and created new ones)
-Mrpdean (my mentor, he assisted with mesh creation and did all the UV mappings)
-Earrindo (for hes original mesh work on the Skyrim modders resource)
-JonesTheBond (for hes original mesh work on the Oblivion modders resource)
-ChampionofHircine (for hes original mesh work on the Morrowind modders resource)
-1shoedpunk (for sharing hes assets and mesh work with me)

1.) You can use the assets in this modders resource as long as you give credit to the people I just mentioned above.
2.) You must release your work to the public for free use and you must never charge any money for it.
3.) You cannot build a player home for Skyrim, I created these assets for my own mod Tel Nalta to give it a unique feeling and I do not want people to simply copy that, you are allowed to build anything else with these assets (like towns, outposts, expand already existing Telvanni buildings), but not a player home.
However, If you really want to use these assets to construct a player home for Skyrim then you need to first talk with me through Personal Message here on Nexus and explain your vision of your mod to me, depending on what you want to build I will either give you explicit permission and mention your name on the bottom of this description, or I will deny your request.

If you want to convert this then you have to be careful since there are meshes that are originally created by Bethesda for Skyrim.
All of these meshes that you CANNOT convert are inside the "Earrindo" folder.
The other meshes are inside the "architecture" folder and these CAN be used for conversion to other games, so I hope they will be used in future Elder Scrolls games in case Bethesda doesn't offer anything Telvanni related there.
Also the only condition I set on people to not build player homes with these assets only counts for Skyrim, so if you put the time and effort into converting these meshes for another game then this condition is null and void, meaning you can use these converted assets for whatever you like.
As for the textures, most meshes are using the Dragonborn DLC textures, so if you want to use all of these meshes for another game you will have to find a way to put other textures on them, but there are a few textures included in this pack and you can convert and use these for other games as well.
And remember, even if you convert these assets to other games, you must never charge any money for it.

People who have permission to build player homes for Skyrim with these assets:
-1shoedpunk and hes Dark Creations team, for Beyond Skyrim and hes Morrowind team
-SpectralDragon and hes Dark Creations team, for Beyond Skyrim and hes Morrowind team
-Mrpdean (for anything he wants)
-RussianRanger (for anything he wants)
-rockyourazz (for anything he wants)
-PaskaAnkka for hes Tel Sadrith mod.
-EliFoxFly for her Woodhall mod.
-TonyB500 for hes city of Port Telvannis mod.