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This mod adds a cozy little fully navmeshed playerhome with place for one Follower.
It's got automatic lights for day/night lighting and a small basement (grab a torch ;-)
The outside area has got a workshed with a workbench, a sharpeningstone ,a tanningrack,a woodchopping block and a small sauna.

I've put plenty idlemarkers interior and exterior so followers have got something to do.
Works perfectly for me with  Followers can Relax, My Home Is Your Home and UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul  installed.

There is no smelter or forge, because i think it's something only a blacksmith would have at home and since i'm also not too much into magic the alchemylab and enchantingtable are unused in the basement until someone cleans 'em up.

All containers are set to no respawn, again, i'm no hoarder, so don't expect much chests and mannequins. That's something for the rich people ;-)

No special DLC support, cause i wanted it to be compatible.

Maybe i should mention that there's a trigger to remove the clothes from NPCs in the sauna and right in front of it, crossing over to the waterfall. I have included an optional version wich removes the autostrip triggers inside and in front of the sauna. But it has the ''shower'' and ''chill in the water'' idlemarkers removed also, since it would look pretty stupid in full armor under the waterfall,right?
I could imagine a whole lot of reasons why someone wouldn't want that (besides prudery), so i made three optional versions.
You'll find them in the downloads section.

v.1.1: I have added a playlute_idlemarker to accompany the ''takeable'' Guitar (misc_item for role-playing purposes) upstairs and to use the great mod  Grampas guitarsk MurdermiesteR made for us ....and me to publish...    great community...

Finding it should be easy the house has got it's own mapmarker.
It's just north of Evergreen Grove, southwest from the Half-Moon Mill.
The key and a note are lying on the table next to the door.

Conflicts: -judging from the screenshots Forest Refuge by Merdynn is in the same place.

If you're not searching the solitude i strongly recommend installing the wonderful Half-Moon Mill Vampire Town by Wolvenna to enhance the mill into a bigger, more interactive, more beautiful location to have fun with. She added a Greenhome Compatibility Patch!

Should that still be too lonesome for you, please do also take a look at Moon and Star by GanXingb and Aurora Village by Scarla. This enhances the whole Lake Ilinalta Area even more...


It requires Skyrim Script Extender 1.6.13 or higher, and Skyrim 1.9.32 or higher.
The RealShelter version obviously needs Real Shelter Full Release v.1.4 or higher

Unzip the contents of
Greenhome.v.1.0.7z into your skyrim/data folder, start the SkyrimLauncher and activate the mod by clicking on the box left of it.

? activate the mod....right?


Just like most mods out there, take all your things out of the containers (chests, weapon-/shieldracks, barrels, etc.) and move your character out of the cell (just to be shure you can load the savegame again...), in this case, walk down the path heading to Half-Moon Mill till you reach my/our roadsign.
Now save your game.
You've got to extract the contents of the latest file into your Skyrim/data folder and overwrite all previously installed files.
Deactivate the mod and activate the new version....


thanks a lot to:

Bethesda for the game and all the modding tools

Stroti for his small house, guitar, craftsman tools and outdoor toilet resources

Hana for the blank roadsign resource

Jokerine for the great cleaning set and foodset resources

Blary for his amazing alchemy clutter, bookset, open book, potion shelf and foodcontainer resources

Tamira for the great skooma pipe and new plants resources and converting stroti's resources for skyrim!

Cipscis/M3rvin for the automatic light script resource

Oaristys/Tony67 for the modder resource pack

Eldiabs for the activators resource

Tueffel for the great windchime havok and uc_crate pelts resource

mindboggles for the nice watermeshes

icecreamassassin for his ProjectHavok display model resource

Andragon / Rip88  for the amazing bathtrigger script and towels

Naart2007  for his super-handy switchscript

Lupus for the riverside lodge sauna style idea

TheThirdRace for his really helpful Mod Publishing Tutorial

Darkfox127 for his Custom Container Tutorial

Kuzimar and optical1967 for the amazing help in finding  errors

my girlfriend Daniela for not kicking my ass (modding takes more time than i thought...)