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Adds a new set of caster clothes for both men and women, with a special enchanted set geared towards resto mages hidden somewhere in the world!

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Happy modding!

I've only recently been introduced to Interesting NPC's, and while trekking around Hjaalmarch my character du jour happened upon a wandering priest, to whom she took an immediate liking. Now, I'm kind of an armor junkie, and I tend to run out of new and interesting things pretty quickly, but on top of that, there isn't much out there for mage-y types that both suit my tastes and that I haven't worn or made followers wear until the code itself starts to unravel at the seams. On top of that, my new follower needed something special. So I did something about it.

These are not extravagant clothes. The female version isn't skin-tight or skimpy. They are clothes designed for, well, journeymen. It's a practical outfit with a touch of the fancy for the aspiring master to ply his trade and passion wherever it may be needed, to hone his craft and help those who have need of it.

Illusionarythade has also made a really great couple of recolors that can be found here! Be sure to check them out :)

The set consists of:
  • Robes
  • Shoes
  • Hood
  • Cloak (Frostfall compatible!)
  • Gloves

All pieces are clothing, which is to say, unarmored.

You can make all of these at any tanning rack right when you load up your game, made from ordinary items so you'll have no trouble crafting a set after Bleak Falls if you're playing from the usual beginning spot. If you've got leather strips, leather, and some linen wraps, you'll be good to go.

The robes, shoes, gloves, and hood are all under the "Misc" section at the rack, the cloak can be found under "Leather" due to the keywords required to allow Frostfall to recognize it.

There is also a special enchanted set located in a secret location somewhere in Tamriel. These pieces are called "x of the Noble Healer", and the enchantments are geared towards a pure restoration mage (a build I tend to play often and enjoy - not everyone's cuppa, but all the pieces can be disenchanted and some are useful to general mage builds). I won't tell you exactly where you can find it, but if you find yourself in the Pale, you may find an oddly empty nest... There's two of each component, as well. One for you and one for a friend, one to disenchant, one to sell, two to throw into the sea...

The female version of the armor uses the UNP body as a base, and the male version uses FavoredSoul's mesh as a base.
YOU DO NOT NEED EITHER TO USE THIS MOD! Because the clothes are full-coverage, you shouldn't have too much issue with gaps (if any) and absolutely no issue with texture mismatches.

The Interesting NPCs version requires INPCs to work. This file also must be loaded after 3DNPC.esp or else no change will be seen.

The inventory meshes for the gloves and cape are incorrect - the gloves will show up as the Dark Brotherhood wraps in spite of the actual armor model being different in shape and color, and the cape is using the hood model.

  • Added optional file for users of Interesting NPCs that changes Valgus' default outfit to this one. This file is dependent on INPCs (ie your game will crash on load if you're missing it) and must be loaded after 3DNPC.esp. Thanks to Kitwitissues for the request!

07/06/2015 - 2.1

  • Corrected issue with beast race hoods not appearing on the enchanted version of the set. Thank you Horsebeige for finding the oversight!

Update Instructions: I've included a patch for existing users, so it's just as easy as replacing the ESP. The version with no Khajiit ears has also been corrected. Sorry guys!

10/11/2014 - v1.1

  • Fixed incorrect filepaths causing invisible armor.
  • Added BSA option. New users can choose which full version they prefer, existing users can find a BSA-only file to upgrade their existing installation.
  • If using the BSA-only file: Manual installation only! Extract RM_NobleHealerRobes.bsa into Skyrim/Data, then delete the folders labeled RM_NobleHealer from Skyrim/Data/Meshes and Skyrim/Data/Textures. It won't break anything to leave the folders, but it will defeat the purpose of having an archive file :P

Want to see about adding hair to both male and female hoods.

And of course any issues brought up between now and when I've had a break for a while.

This is the very first *working* armor I have ever made. The weight slider works, things look reasonably okay. But this in no way means I think it's perfect. There are bound to be weirdnesses, and I welcome any reports that point them out. If you have tips, that's even better. I'm still very new to Blender.

I probably will not entertain requests. In all honesty, I don't have the desire or energy for color/design variations, fifty hojillion enchantment/armor options, or body conversions at this time. I really do apologize - I know we like our variety - but things are messed-up at the moment and I'd rather be honest about this now rather than make plans for things I know have a very low likelihood of coming to fruition.

Bearing the above in mind, I welcome everyone to make changes to this mod to suit their personal needs. Change the materials required, change the enchantments, share those changes in the form of patches, and even alter the armor itself. You need no direct permission from me to use these assets (***except the cloak, which belongs to SydneyB***), just give credit and link back if you happen to publish anything.

This includes patches, body type conversions, reskins, skimpifications, whatever.

For your convenience, as with most of my mods, the raw PSD for the robe is included in the Misc Files section for those of you who want to play with the textures.

And last, but absolutely not least, thanks goes to Kursan for coming up with the name and for his feedback and support through some tough times. :)