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Now every single wash basin you find throughout Skyrim can be used, with an animation and sound effect, and a temporary 'clean' buff applied to your character.

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Have you ever felt like those static wash basins you find scattered throughout homes and inns in Skyrim should have more of a use? Well, now they do! Interactive Wash Basins replaces all wash basins in Skyrim with interactive versions which allow you to clean yourself up.
Activating a wash basin will cause the player to quickly wash themselves with an animation and sound effect, and give a temporary "Clean" buff. The buff grants 50% disease resistance and 10% increase to health regeneration speed for 4 hours.


SKSE - this mod comes with an SKSE DLL plugin. It will not function correctly without SKSE.

The Dawnguard DLC is also required.

Load Order

This mod should be placed near the top of your load order, before any mods that make changes to interiors.

Note: If any mods move a wash basin and are loaded after mine (as they should be), the wash basin will not be interactive, but the wash basin will retain the placement dictated by the other mod. To make the wash basin interactive again, you must use the conversion power detailed in the Compatibility section below.


You should not remove this mod mid-playthrough if you have used the conversion power, as it will result in any basins you have converted being missing. However if you don't mind this, then it is okay to remove as it won't harm anything.


Unofficial Patch (USLEEP) - all changes have been forwarded.
Not Compatible

Any mods which modify the cannibal feeding animation (I don't know of any that do this but they could exist)

Mods which replace the wash basin model will need a patch, otherwise all wash basins will return to their vanilla look.

Audio Mods

If you have a mod that replaces audio files, let it overwrite my mod. The way this mod functions means I need to include two vanilla sound files - it doesn't matter if a mod changes these files, they just must not be packed into a BSA.
Mods which add new wash basins or move existing wash basins

I have added a special power that can be used to automatically convert any static wash basin into an interactable version. Because this power is specifically for compatibility, I have made it only accessible using the console. Just type in the console "help convert" and look for a spell called "Convert Wash Basins". To add it to your character, type "player.addspell xxx" where 'xxx' is the formID of the spell. The spell functions as a power, and is activated using the shout button. To use it, stand near any static wash basin you find in the world and activate the power; the wash basin should then be replaced with an interactive version. Note that this process is not reversible, once you convert it, it will stay that way! (unless you reload a save from before using it)
Also note, this will only work for vanilla wash basins - custom wash basins added by mods will not be replaced. Any mods which do add custom wash basins, either with a unique model, or with their own special wash basin functionality, will need a compatibility patch if you want those basins to have the functionality added by this mod.

Wash basins within Castle Volkihar from the Dawnguard DLC are covered.

For compatibility with wash basins crafted in any of the Hearthfire homes, you must use the conversion power. This makes redundant my old mod Interactive Wash Basins for Hearthfire.

There is one known minor issue - sometimes if you go into first person view shortly after using a wash basin, your arm will get stuck in a weird, twisted position. This should fix itself in a few seconds, or you can toggle back to third person and then back to first again and the issue should be gone. This is not something I am able to fix.

My wonderful partner DarkFox127, for helping design the mod page, helping with some elements of the mod's scripts, testing the mod, providing moral support, and pushing me to come back to finish this mod after leaving it on the backburner for almost 7 years! Thank you, I couldn't have released this without you.