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About this mod

This mod aims to retexture all those little things that have never had the opportunity to enjoy a nice texture :(. It will keep growing as I find new neglected clutter to retexture.

I promise you that this mod will make your Skyrim look much more aesthetically pleasing in certain places with great attention paid to detail.

Permissions and credits
Detailed Textures for Neglected Clutter

-The highly detailed textures come in 1K and 2K resolution.

-This mod has custom diffuse and normal maps made from scratch.

-The diffuse maps are made from high quality photos that I heavily retouch and customize, I also hand paint a lot of the detail.

-This mod will replace the textures of all the neglected kettles, pots, and any other clutter that I find. (so it is a WIP)

-Please do give suggestions on what I should retexture next, a file path to the mesh is greatly appreciated.

(I will only retexture objects that have been forgotten by the modding community, as that is the point of this mod.)

What to install?

 2K resolution is great for close-up shots, or if you just want very defined and detailed textures.   (My preference!)

1K resolution looks great at most distances, but from up close you won't notice as much definition and detail. (For those of you who need to save vram, as every little bit counts.)

-You can mix & match 1K and 2K textures if you wish.

Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions!

If you want to see before and after shots please look at the images section.
(All my screenshots use 2K textures, so I can't guarantee such high definition from up close with 1K textures specially with bigger objects such as the giant club.)

I love detailed and creative textures, nothing dull or bland ;).

Permission Notes:

-These files can not be uploaded to another website under any circumstance.

-Nobody has permission to modify these files and upload them on another mod
page that serves a similar purpose as this one. That's stealing... (Exceptions can be made depending on the circumstance, but you must credit me as the original author.)

-Although I will without hesitation allow modified files to be uploaded on this mod page with due credits given.

-If you want to use my files for any reason other than personal use you must
ask me for permission first. Remember to always credit me as the original author, and as long as that is done I have no problem sharing my work.

-Sorry if the terms seem pretty strict, but I have put many hours into my work and will not allow others to show it as their own.

Credits Go To:

- Myself and the unfortunate neglected clutter of Skyrim.