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Capes with HDT physics
With 10 total colors to choose from.
Male and Female meshes are now available

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 "HDT Physics Extension alleviates the problems associated with animation by actually using the physics engine that is part of the retail game.
Through some creative use of SKSE, HydrogensaysHDT (the author of the
Physics Extension plugin) has provided a set of tools that create game
physics objects that interact and respond to the world around them."
by HydrogensaysHDT

Capes with HDT Physics

Videos By RayneBlood, SkyttsTV, Hodliton and NOZI187 Thank you all for making videos showing off the new cape physics

Dont let this happen to you

This mod is very much a W.I.P. and as such will be continuously updated as we finish.
Hot files in the first 2 days WOW! You guys are the best Thank you all so much for the support and votes!!!!!!!

Version 1.0
Initial Release:
Redguard cape with physics

Version 1.1
Added 6 new color variations for cape version 1.0. This is just a quick addon for more choices Bright Orange, Black, Blue, Green, Gold and Purple. 

Version 1.15
Update adding the fixed CapeHDT.xml, better collisions, reduced cap radii, fixed weights.

Version 1.195
Update Fixed Cape position making it closer to character model. (With the exception of male model since it's fit it to a certain vanilla armor cough cough Redguards)

Created a female version of the cape. To fix the floating cape issues users were having.
Fitted to CBBE bodies if that makes any difference at all.

Moddified CapeHDT.xml to have ground collisions. (For certain animations that require the character to lower in position causing the cape to collide with the ground.)

Made new female only textures for the cape Crane print and Floral print, and 3 more for all capes a crazy design, switched the bright orange with a red version and also switched the terrible black retexture with a new dark grey Dohvakiin symbol cape.

Fallbob made a 4K retexture that we wanted everyone to have thanks for making this for us.
To Install the 4K version just download manually Use 7zip or WinRar to extract the files. Move the Data folder to your Skyrim folder and replace those meshes and add the new texture.

You can find the Skyrim folder here: Programfiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data

Version 1.2
Version 2.0 alpha
24 new high res versions to choose from.
White, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Blue, Blue-Green, Brown, Black, Grey, Black Dovahkiin, Orange and Green Fractal, Mage, Royal print, Tiger Pelt, Zebra Pelt, Burlap, Crane, Concentric deisgn, Flower print, Daedric COS cape,  Snake Skin, Starry Night.
Starts Now!!!
Daedric Cloak (Cloaks of Skyrim) 
Coming Next
Linen cloaks
Burlap cloaks
Faction cloaks
All compatible patches for Frostfall, Wet & Cold, among others will completed after all capes are HDT enabled

To get the new capes just go to any forge and look under the leather section for the new HDT capes requirements 4 leather pieces to craft.

Install these 2 things first!!!
1) HDT Physics Extension
Either use NMM or manually install Use 7zip or WinRar to extract the files.
Move the Data folder to your Skyrim folder.

You can find the Skyrim folder here: Programfiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data          FOR 64-bit users
You can find the Skyrim folder here: Programfiles\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data                 FOR 32-bit users

This wil be changing very soon for all patches coming out with this mod.  


HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT
SKSE by Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel and Paul Connelly (ianpatt, behippo and scruggsywuggsy the ferret)


This mod should be compatible with almost everything, but it could cause issues with other HDT mods that use objects at the same collision layers. 

Known issues with multiple HDT type mods will be performance loss and spastic movements on the meshes.
We will have a forum discussion soon on how to help with these problems.

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Tools Used
Autodesk 3DS Max 2012
Creation Kit
Blender v.2.49 w/nifscripts
Photoshop CS6


HDT Physics Extensions
by HydrogensaysHDT for making the coolest mod for Skyrim yet.
Neckros for the HDT Autopilot Tools for 3ds.
Kallukoras for everything under the Sun
Nikinoodles for Cloaks of Skyrim and permissions
Chesko for Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival and permissions
Isoku for Wet and Cold and permissions