About this mod

This adds a mule named Annie to Whiterun stable.

Permissions and credits
Mule Skinner's Farm

This is the basic mod that doesn't require any DLC's, only the original vanilla game is used.

This mod adds the following:

1) A pack mule named Annie.
2) A riding mule named Mike.
3) A non-owned mule for followers. (Use of ATF or another similar mod is needed for followers.)
4) Purchasable "clothing items" for Owned mules.
5) Purchasable spells (no exp for casting) to summon each mule and to set Annie's home marker.
6) A farm with NPC's at Whiterun.
7) Mules are added to all Khajiit caravans. 


To set Annie's home you must cast the spell at the center ofthe location you want her to sandbox in.

All mules are essential and cannot die for now. In the future that may change.

If you do not have sound for Annie or lip and sound for the sales dialogue you can fix it by adding "aaTJMuleSkinner.bsa" to your
"skyrim.ini" file.

Something like this if you have all the DLC's:

sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Voices.bsa, Skyrim -VoicesExtra.bsa, HighResTexturePack01.bsa, HighResTexturePack02.bsa,
HighResTexturePack03.bsa, Dawnguard.bsa, Dragonborn.bsa, HearthFires.bsa, aaTJMuleSkinner.bsa

If you do not get the sales dialogue, you can save the game to a new slot and quit to the main menu. Then load your new save. This will
force the dialogue when you next ask to buy a mule.

If you are migrating from "A mule in Skyrim", you need to save your items to a chest and perform a clean save Before You Activate
this mod. Do not run both mods at the same time.

This mod has been cleaned with Tes5Edit.
This mod edits the navmesh that the farm is on; so any mod that also edits this area must be loaded first.
This mod has been tested to level 58 with all dlc's with no crashes, errors, or hiccups.