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Fallout Mod Manager's BSA Browser as a stand-alone application. (Skyrim compatible ofc)

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Updated version with Fallout 4 support HERE

I'm gonna continue updates over there now.


This is Fallout Mod Manager's BSA Browser as a stand-alone application that can be used without having to install Fallout 3 or New Vegas. It also offers some new features.

This application is open source and is available from GitHub: BSA_Browser


  • Browse & extract file(s) from BSA
  • Sort by folder, file name, file size, offset or extension
  • Sort ascending or descending
  • Filter files (optional Regex)

 - New

  • Browse multiple .BSA files simultaneously
  • Recent files
  • Quick export (See Tools -> Options menu)
  • Copy Path, Folder Path or File name

Install & Uninstall

Use the provided installer.

Version History


  • Fix "Header checksum illegal" error
  • Fix some out of range errors


  • Fix missing DLL error


  • Improved list performance, everything should be a bit faster now
  • Allow wild card in normal search
  • Add option for more columns (File size, offset, compressed)
  • Add shortcuts to open quick extract paths
  • Regex preference is now remembered
  • Search term will now appear red if it's invalid
  • Fix lag when searching, by adding a small delay


  • Fixed window appearing outside the screen's working area


  • Add option to sort BSA directories
  • Add option to toggle maintaining folder structure when using "Extract" button
  • Ctrl + A to select all list items


  • Add currently shown files counter
  • Add ability to create custom quick extract paths
  • Show extracting progress in title
  • Improve folder browser dialog
  • Enable visual styles for Options list
  • Extract files straight to selected folder when using "Extract" button
  • Fix font rendering
  • Fix Progress window "Cancel" button
  • Fix file exists error when extracting more than one file from "Extract" button


  • Fix issue using latest opened archive properties (Compressed etc.) for every archive
  • Improved "Options" UI
  • Improved saving/restoring window state
  • Removed 'Sort' button. Sort by default and save sorting preferences
  • Add simple "About" box to new "Help" menu
  • Show version in window title
  • Don't format file offset, display full value
  • Rename "Close Sel. Archive" to "Close Selected Archive"
  • Installer: .bsa association is optional now


  • Initial release