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I just made this tiny thing over the weekend for my new char - Dwemer researcher (not Dwemer race, but like Cancelmo ya know). Covers basic stuff but has some epicly unique clutter from Dwemertech.

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Mod works as intended, so don't expect any updates.
I don't develop old mods any more.

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Creator: Elianora
Custom Dwemer assets: EnaiSiaion

Simple and quick mod I made because I'm starting a new playthrough, an Imperial lady who is VERY enthusiast about Dwemer research and came to see her mentor in Skyrim. 
Turns out the mentor is dead, his house abandoned, and my char gets stuck in some dumb civil war feud between barbarians at the border.

The house is next to Markarth stables. There is no key or anything. If you hate this method of acquiring a house you can just go drop 5000 gold in the River Karth or mod me a better solution. 

Lore: Bluthanch was a Dwemer Councilor. Bluthanch and her sons had (according to rumours) orchestrated the death of Lord Ihlendam.   

- Skyrim up to date
- Dawnguard DLC
- Dragonborn DLC

- Enchant + alchemy + cooking inside
- Smithing facility by the guard tower outside
- I have an obsession with collecting all the Priest masks, so a custom display for those
- Some named storage, it's very small and very sparse.
I wanted a simple house with not tons of stuff. My OCD was reaching crazy levels.

:: GENERAL ::  


I have grown tired of disappearing weapons, floating staves in the middle of the room or just generally buggy vanilla crap.
I use Jaxonz Positioner ( so I just needed static plaques.

Navmeshed and cleaned with TES5Edit.

Ofus was supposed to be a follower but I can't get the custom scripts to work because I'm a moron with scripting. So he's just a houseguard.

- My Home Is Your Home

Dwemertech - Magic of the Dwarves
Jaxonz Positioner
Jaxonz Renamer
Dwemer Metal Textures by langley
Detailed Rugs by raiserfx
Skyrim Mod Combiner

EnaiSiaion for giving me the permission to use his Dwemertech assets.
marcusliberty for the Cyrodiil ship resource (from Beyond Skyrim)
MTindle for the Dwemer display case texture
lrsamways for the food and Dwemer clutter meshes
Oaristys for modder's resource
Blary: All kinds of clutter resources
BrettM: FPI Experiment pack
InsanitySorrow: Dwemer Items
jet4571: Building kits and other resources
IamthecureforAIDS: Dwemer dog mesh
Jokerine for clutter resources <3
langley02: Some Dwemer textures 
Lilith for clutter and catering resource
stoverjm: new open books
Tamira: New plants and conversion of stroti's items
The_Funktasm for Morrowind Clutter resource
Vicn: Creature resource (dwemer eyebot and droid decorations)

JadenDew and Nahkin for testing

This file contains resources and assets that belong to other authors and you can't use them without the consent of the original creators.

For modder's resources, find the original upload and go endorse the resource providers, don't just use my bsa as some sort of resource collection.

I welcome translations of the file as long as it's uploaded exclusively on the original mod's page. As I do not own the rights to 
some of the assets, this mod CANNOT BE HOSTED OUTSIDE NEXUS.