Deadly Ice by Flamecrafter
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Added: 31/10/2014 - 08:30AM
Updated: 11/11/2014 - 12:23AM

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Last updated at 0:23, 11 Nov 2014 Uploaded at 8:30, 31 Oct 2014

We made hot files! I honestly wasn't expecting that. I just want to say thank you to everyone that supported or helped with this mod. feels so weird seeing my mod up there...

Edit: Sorry to those who downloaded this mod and didn't know where to put the meshes. I accidentally didn't put /magic at the end of folder list. Again, sorry about that.

Some more edits to yet another edit: The download works fine with NMM now.

Here's a video of it in action from Skyrim Mod Spotlight.

Added a standalone version, as requested by ShiftyJ. The spelltomes are added to the leveled lists, so they shouldn't be that hard to find. If you can't find them, or don't want to bother trying to find them, just open the console. Type: help "Deadly Ice Spike". There should be only one thing listed. The mass of letters and numbers beside it is the ID. Type: player.addspell (whatever the ID is). Do the same with Deadly Icy Spear, but type "Deadly Icy Spear" instead of "Deadly Ice Spike".

The ID of these two spells, like anything, will change depending on the load order; otherwise I would just tell you the IDs.

Am I the only one that hated the original game's ice models? I think so, as I cannot find a single replacer for them. So I decided to make my own.
The Ice Magic Hand Effect is basically just has less glowy crap in it. Ice Spike, Again, less glowy crap. But it is also much thinner. It actually looks like a spike. OMG. Ice Spear is Ice spike but longer.

These were originally just personal models, but I just decided "screw it" and threw them on Nexus.

This is compatible with anything that doesn't replace the models for these spells. Texture replacements are fine though.

I'm sure everyone that is going to download this knows how to install it, but still. Unzip the folder and drop the files into progamfiles/steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data/meshes/magic. The "programfiles" folder might be "programfiles(86)".

If you enjoy this mod, please endorse it. It helps me know how many people actually like this mod. And it's a bit of a motivator for me to make more mods.