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Morte is a floating skull from Planescape: Torment who's hanging out at the Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath. He will follow and fight for you after you've rescued him from an unlife of boredom. He also has some smart ass commentary/flirting based on your gender and who's following you: he'll flirt with Lydia, Uthgerd, and Jenessa provided they aren't married to you. He'll also talk to you about your recruiting Lydia the first time she joins you after the mod is installed.

His home base is the Dead Man's Drink and he will return there whenever you dismiss him. You can move that base via dialogue or reset it back to the Drink.

Because he cannot use weapon or carry equipment, he's set to use his fists as a substitute to biting his foes.

As of version 2.2, Morte now has a skeletal horse he'll ride whenever you are. The horse will disappear when he's not ridding. You can also tell him whether or not to attack your foes on sight and whether or not to engage or stay out of combat.

Installation Requirements

Skyrim version or greater and Dawnguard for Morte's horse.


Currently only manual installation is supported. Just extract all of the files into your Data folder and select the jac_morte.esp in your favorite mod manager.


Dismiss Morte before you update unless you're using 1.x, then you'll need to delete all of the files in the Data\Script folder that start with JACM or JacMorte. This is so any updates to these scripts won't be overwritten by what's not in the bsa file. Also delete the Data\Meshes\JacMorte, the Data\Textures\JacMorte, and the Data\Sound\Voice\jac_morte.esp folders. You should still dismiss him before you update.

Known Issues

Morte may sometimes attack your other followers. If this happens, open up the console, click on him, type disable, press enter, then type enable and press enter. This should reset his AI and stop him attacking.

Because Morte is essentially an invisible NPC, he'll do the vanilla NPC actions like eating, cutting wood, etc. I thought about removing his ability to do so, but I figured it fit into the overall theme of the mod. If this bothers you, just ignore it.

Vanilla Skyrim doesn't have a way for me to test if Lydia has already been recruited by you. If you want to converse with Morte about her, dismiss her and rehire her. Morte should then greet you and start the first of his two conversations. You'll need to rest to have the second one.

AFT was causing issues with Morte's AI, so I set it up so that AFT would ignore him. You can try AFT's make follower spell if you wish, but I cannot provide support with any issues it causes. Morte should be fully functional without it.

Because Skyrim wasn't designed for NPCs to ride horses, Morte may act strange while ridding. If you have Convenient Horses installed and use horse-mounted combat, Morte will dismount and both he and his horse will attack your foes. Unless I can find a way to include Morte into CH, I can't change this behavior.

Morte's second conversation about Lydia may not appear if you're a werewolf. Apparently the game doesn't register beast blood sleep as regular sleep.


Uncheck jac_morte via your favourite mod manager and delete jac_morte.esp and jac_morte.bsa.