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Beatiful landscape scenes of Skyrim for the use as an animated desktop wallpaper! This scenes are infinite loops, you won't see it when the scene starts again!

Permissions and credits
Scroll down to see previews of the scenes
If you have any problems/issues with this mod, please read the description and the FAQ's first before asking.


I've recorded some beautiful landscape scenes of Skyrim with a variety of mods. This scenes are infinite loops, you won't see it when the scene starts again!
And you can use them as an animated desktop wallpaper.

If you want to see my video live wallpapers of Skyrim go here!
If you want to see my animated desktop wallpapers of Dragon Age Inquisition go here!

- If you use Windows 7 you'll have to download the patcher (Windows 7 DreamScene Activator)
- If you use any other system you can apply any videofile with the VLC-Player, thanks to 1355970 for telling me that

How to use with Windows 7:
1. You will need a patch for your computer allowing you the use of video
files as a desktop wallpaper. Download the Windows 7 DreamScene Activator 1.7, you will find it in the downloadsection.
2. Right-Click on the downloaded video file and click on "Set as Desktop Background".
3. Enjoy the Scene!

How to use with VLC Media Player (thanks to 1355970 for writing this instructions):
The easiest way to get VLC would be, you just check VLC on the
list, then click "get installer", and the installer you get this way
automatically installs the most recent version of VLC. Once you have
VLC installed, run it.

1. in Tools - Preferences - Video, select Directx or Direct3D (depending on the available choices) on your Output
dropdown list, click save on the preferences window, restart VLC

2. open the video with VLC (if another media player is the default one,
instead of double clicking, choose "Open with ..." in the right click
menu, then select VLC)

3. once the video is playing, right click on the video, select Video -> Set as Wallpaper

Optionally, if your screen resolution differs greatly from 1920x1080 (the original
resolution of these videos) you can right click again on the now
completely black, video area of VLC (the video moved to the desktop
already if everything went okay) and select the aspect ratio of your
screen at Video -> Crop.

IMPORTANT: Do not exit VLC, because the video you just set as your desktop wallpaper is playing in it, just
not in its own program window. Just minimize VLC to the taskbar. Should
the video stop playing when you minimize the empty VLC window to your
taskbar, choose Tools - Preferences - Interface, and in the "Look and
feel" section, uncheck "Pause playback when minimized".

- You will find the animated desktop wallpapers in packs in the downloadsection.
- If you have a slow internet connection, you will find in the description of each video the downloadlink of the wallpaper.

Questions and Issues
Any other questions/issues regarding the use of VLC to set a desktop
wallpaper can be directed at me. It's best if you ask me here in the
comment section instead of a private message, because problems can be
read publicly, and the same questions won't be repeated as often, if the
solution can also be read here.

Q: Are there seperate downloads for the scenes?
A: Yes, there are! You will find a downloadlink in the description in the youtube video of the scene.

Q: Is the Windows 7 patcher safe too use. My Norton antivirus has detected something.
A: There are problems with some antivirus programms. Maybe the developer
at knows the reason why. The only thing I can
imagine is, that this application is editing something in the windows
registry to enable dreamscenes. Maybe such a progress is rated as high
risk by some antivirus applications.
But you can also use VLC-Player to apply animated backgrounds to you desktop. You will find a How-To in the description.

Mods used:
See the readme file in the wallpaperpack

Preview (Wallpaper Pack 1)

Animated Desktop Wallpaper - Tropical Skyrim - Home Sweet Home (preview on youtube)
Animated Desktop Wallpaper - Tropical Skyrim - Campfire (preview on youtube)
Animated Desktop Wallpaper - Tropical Skyrim - Mystic Swamp (preview on youtube)
Animated Desktop Wallpaper - Tropical Skyrim - Sunny Beach (preview on youtube)

Preview (Wallpaper Pack 2)

Animated Desktop Wallpaper - Winter Skyrim - Sunny Winter (preview on youtube)
Animated Desktop Wallpaper - Winter Skyrim - Dark Night (preview on youtube)
Animated Desktop Wallpaper - Winter Skyrim - Icy Water (preview on youtube)
Animated Desktop Wallpaper - Winter Skyrim - Campfire (preview on youtube)