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  1. spwned
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    Welcome everyone!

    Moonlight Tales Special Edition is released!

    Skyrim SE Nexus (PC):
    Skyrim Nexus (PC): (PC): (Xbox One):

    Please support the project if you like it: endorsing and voting is much appreciated.
  2. spwned
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    • 2,762 posts
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    Since Moonlight Tales Essentials is highly compatible... you can actually use it together with the Moonlight Tales Special Edition. Grab MTSE for Skyrim here:

    In your load order you need to have:
    Absolutely no other werewolf mods!
    Moonlight Tales Essentials
    Moonlight Tales Special Edition (after MTE)

    In-game settings:
    Disable the appearance system in Moonlight Tales Special Edition.
    Use the SKSE skin system in Moonlight Tales Essentials (more options).
    Disable the following features in Moonlight Tales Essentials:
    - Transformation Stagger Animations (best handled by MTSE)
    - Wolfkin Alliance (best handled by MTSE)
    - Lunar Transformations (best handled by MTSE)
    Unbind the keys for Howl at the Moon and Revert Form. Do not use these!

    You CAN use Power Jump if you want to.
    You CAN also use Aftermath Re-Equipper.
  3. Xzenowulf
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    I know this is a bit late (since the last update was over three years ago) but i had a question about a possible patch/update..

    The "Wolfkin Alliance" is a great feature for running a werewolf character, however it doesnt fit if you're using the werebear form... would it be possible to make the "Wolfkin Alliance" effect bears/werebears if you're using the werebear skins? (or make a seperate option for "bearkin alliance" )
    1. Saturn04
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      I'm not sure if you'll ever get a reply from the author. But in the meanwhile, you could disable Wolfkin Alliance and use One with Nature instead. It gives you full control in that regard.
  4. GamerRaizen
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    I've run into an issue where despite having the mod installed correctly and running FNIS as per the instructions...none of the animations play. There's no T pose, so I know that the FNIS installation is fine, my character just stands there. Any suggestions?
    1. Saturn04
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      Do you mean you can't move at all? Or can you move but not use the long howl or the power jump? If it's the latter one; is it your very first transformation during the quest? Because you can't use any of those special abilities during that; they are disabled. You can use them as soon as you transform the next time.
  5. NightroModzz
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    I've always had duplicate MCM menus of Moonlight Tales (not essentials). Could the cause be that both mods have "MoonlightTalesSkyUISplash"? Should I delete one?
    1. Rosally999
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      I had similar issue but I didn't check the files, and now Moonlight Tales doesn't appear in MCM menu no matter what I do....
  6. Draver07
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    this mod is amazing. it adds much needed content to werewolf gameplay. nicely done.

    -for anyone that has knowledge and willing to help-

    (plz not this mod is not the cause of my current glitch. and it seems to be a problem even in vanilla Skyrim from what i can see) -iv even had this happen on skyrim SE on the ps4 as well-... so hopefully someone else has experienced this and maybe have a fix for it.

    i seem to be having a unusual bug that occurs every time i become knocked down while in werewolf form.
    it seems my PC werewolf becomes stuck in place and does not seem to completely stand up. also the 3rd person view becomes stuck in one direction. only happens when being knocked down as werewolf.

    I have also seen this happen to NPC werewolves as well and they also becomes stuck in place. my only guess is the skeleton somehow has a issue during this state. iv been unable to figure out what could be causing it. i hope that someone might perhaps have encounter the same issue and could potentially have a proper fix.

    if anyone has an idea as to what could be causing such glitch... and maybe have a fix for the problem plz let me know.

    my werewolf mods are

    -moonlight tales- (obviously)
    -werewolf perks expanded-
    -Alpha werewolf sounds-
    -Real Feeding-
    ----(below added to test this bug)----
    Infinite Werewolf
    LFox No Werewolf Form Cooldown 1_0

    ---other non-werewolf mods---
    several magic mods (like apocalypse and the like)
    immersive weapons
    immersive armors
    along with all the necessary patches for Skyre

    i have many many more mods, but i doubt anyone would be interested enough to read threw all of them

    iv been using a command (Player.placeatme 467bb) to summon a twohanded wielding NPC -stormcloak- and i usually summon about 5 of them and let them smack me untill the glitch occurs. to be fair though this glitch seems to happen almost all the time as soon as i am knocked down. i also of course set my HP to 20000 just so i dont die before being knocked down. also Drauger shout produce the same glitch as well. anything with knockdown works.

    also sometimes upon being knocked down the werewolf does get up and does a howl as if doing the transformation howl, then the PC returns to normal movement controls. also if stuck in the getting up glitch sometime being knocked down 1 or more times in this state times will fix the werewolf stuck glitch and get up properly.

    iv been heavily testing this glitch myself, but unfortunately iv been unable to find the exact problem. at this point i am looking for either a way to fix the knockdown glitch itself or perhaps a way to make werewolf completely immune to knockdown entirely.

    unfortunately it seems no mod exist for true knockdown resistance except threw enchantments. and i kinda don't want my normal human form just being immune to that.

    anyway ... any advice would be helpful. thanks!
  7. Galaphile0125
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    So how does the ring of Hircine work with this mod? I have it and I still can only transform once a day. What happened to the ring?
    1. Saturn04
      • member
      • 471 posts
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      Equip it. Check your powers for the "Ring of Hircine" power. Use that power. Done. Just like in vanilla Skyrim.
  8. brownie187
    • member
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    is it possible to convert this to SE without any problems? I tried converting the animations and the nif files using the necessary tools however when I added it to my MO it keeps being flagged as "alternate game source".

    I enjoy this one better than the one that was made for SE so any help would be appreciated.
    1. stuff444
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      U need to save the .esp in the creation kit 64 bit version for SSE
    2. Aureus
      • member
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      The Mighty Beasts skeletons .nifs are not available for SE and they are not easily converted (i.e. via NifOptimizer). Unless I am proven wrong, this must be done manually.
  9. hardenedavocado
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    I'm running into an issue where going into my character's wolf form leads to them becoming this weird werewolf/human hybrid thing. Instead of moving and attacking like it should, it instead has me running around with human animations and attacking like you normally would while barehanded. It even let me use spells and it acts like I'm in the proper wolf form since trying to access my characters menus leads to the game saying I can't access it. I have the animation stuff that was required and I've even tried starting a new character to see if it would continue doing it and it still did. Not really sure what the deal is.

    Edit: Turned out I still had the previous version of the mod and that was causing the issue. After uninstalling it, the werewolf form works like it should.
  10. ForemostCrab7
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    Really great mod, this and the other moonlight tales....but i do have an issue, it completely over writes the Werewolf Race Eyes mod the mod that gives people who has the beastblood yellow glowing eyes in their human form, and i love that mod and would like it back...
    (Atleast i think it's because of these mods, the only mod i can think of that alters Werewolves in any way)
  11. aubon
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    when ever i try to transform the scene plays but i don't hear the howl and my character becomes stuck i cant move all i can do is jump
  12. jaderiver
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    Recently spent the day, complete fresh re install of sky le and also now a newbie user of mo2, so now re-installing my favorite mods back
    But in looking at the required mods there's two new extras that need to be installed first ?
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS and skyrim official patch :huh: , I dont remember that being a must =( ..
    I dont understand anything finis but basically I think its something to with what I call statue stance with their armor straight out, as for the patch why is that needed,
    whats even in the patch that makes it needed ? just asking ..
    Is there an Old file of this I can download that Doesn't need these 2 , all the old files I've looked at seem to have them as a requirement ?