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The Black Horse Courier is back to bring you exciting news from all over Skyrim. Fully voiced and with procedurally created newspapers

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Thanks to everyone who donated! This is really appreciated!

What is the Black Horse Courier? Well, here's a bit of History:

The Black Horse Courier is a popular newspaper company based in the Imperial City. It is owned by three Khajiit brothers: HassiriRa'jiradh and Urjabhi. The Empire funds the Courier, so the paper is always free.

Also available on Steam Workshop - Thank you for reporting anything that needs to be fixed!
This mod reintroduces Oblivion's Black Horse Courier in Skyrim. 200 years after the event of the Oblivion Crisis, the company is back to bring news to the inhabitants of Tamriel. The Black Horse Courier is now unsupported by the Empire, and therefore is sadly not free anymore.

So, how does it work?

You will find reporters in some cities (particularly in taverns) in Skyrim. These reporters will sell you two types of papers:

  • Special Editions are quest-related. As you finish main quests, they will get reported in the Black Horse.
  • Normal Editions are procedurally-generated papers. Random sentences will be created. For example: "A [dragon type] has been [action] by [actor] near the city of [city name]. People of [city name] are [feelings] about this." This creates the opportunity for sometimes dramatic reports, or more humorous ones. The news related there are purely for roleplay purpose, but the last section, named "Jo'vassa's rumours and gossips", will give you some real tips, for example where to find word walls. The Black horse Courier will also report the death of some important NPC's and people who may or may not be involved in the death. For example, the Courier reported the disappearance of Katria... Sorry Katria, you will be remembered. Jo'vassa also gives you some tips for the gameplay. Won't spoil you the surprise!

If you don't want to buy the newspapers, you can choose to subscribe for 500 Septims. Just talk to a reporter and tell him you wish to subscribe. A courier will deliver them from time to time. Your subscription will expire after a month or so; you will get a warning via the vanilla courier system when that happens.

Also, when you read a newspaper, there is a small chance that it will increase your "Speechcraft" skill, just like skill books.


Thank you to the following people who helped me with this mod

  • Loopy_CecilBrrrofskiPrizrak232FortifyShouts and Jaberkaty for writing these amazing special editions. These gals and guys really made this mod stand out, as I could not write them myself. Thank you so much.
  • MatthiaswaggKhrada and Raduchi for alpha/beta testing. They pointed out some the mod's flaws and helped me improving it.
  • Tan the Merry, amazing voice actor. This is this guy that you will hear talking, in his role of the Black Horse Reporters.
  • From version 1.3 and higher, this mod uses Better Notes Mesh - Modders resource by DanielCoffey, who allowed me to use his models and textures from Book Covers Skyrim if I need to, which I might well do in the future. Thank you mate!


  • Compatible with everything. Does NOT modify any vanilla forms, and has been cleaned with TESVEdit.
  • Support for Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLC's is already included, the DLCs are not required for this mod to function though.
  • Does NOT require Skyrim Script Extender.

Recommended Mods (not required):

This mod is a simple immersion/realism mod that provides a small shack outside of Whiterun along the main road, next to Honningbrew Meadery. When the courier is not tasked with delivering a message to you, he will be found in this shack living his daily life on a simple schedule. If a delivery is needed, no longer will be be pulled from the ether like magic. Instead, he will simply begin his journey to find you from the shack.

This mod tweeks the setup for the Courier a bit, using not a single face, but a selection of four faces; the original Nord, an Imperial, a Dark Elf, and a Wood Elf. Unfortunately, only once voice type ("MaleYoungEager" AKA Boone from FONV) has voice work for the Courier, so they still all sound the same

I added a GetCombatState == 0 (player) test to the initial dialogue of Couriers and Fugitives (the guys that hand you stolen items) to prevent them from initiating their dialogue while the player is fighting.