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About this mod

This mod enables npcs to craft.

This means blacksmiths will create/temper weapons and armor, enchanters will enchant/disenchant items and
alchemists will make potions/poisons and tell you what effect an ingredient has.

Permissions and credits

Sorry if my English is bad but it's not my native language.


This mod enables npcs to craft.

This means blacksmiths will create/temper weapons and armor, enchanters will enchant/disenchant items and
alchemists will make potions/poisons and tell you what effect an ingredient has.

This mod is meant for player's who don't want to be Jack of all trades and don't want to lose the benefits from crafting.

---> This mod requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) <---
---> <---
---> This mod requires SkyUI's MCM Menu <---
---> <---



All supported npcs will provide their services in three proficiency levels, Common, expert and master, via dialog.
The actual skill level each proficiency level represents can be set with MCM (default 50/75/100).

Blacksmiths can create items at the forge or tanning rack and improve weapons and armor.

Alchemists can brew potions and poisons and reveal ingredient effects to you.

Enchanters can enchant and disenchant items and charge your weapons.
Enchanters know these basic enchantments:
Fire and Frost Damage, Fortify Health, Magicka and Stammina, Soul Trap.
You need to know the remaining enchantments if you want to use them.

Crafting uses the vanilla crafting menu.

Blacksmiths and enchanters provide basic materials:
Ingots, Leather, Letherstrips, Linenwrap, Firewood and Soul Gems.

Alchemists do not provide ingredients.
Revealing ingredient effects uses a "container" that only accepts ingredients and returns them immediately.

Services are by default provided from 8am till 8pm.


Charging weapons costs 500 gold per weapon.

Revealing an ingredient effect costs 50 gold per effect.

All other services require a fee that is calculated by this fromula:

<| Itemvalue x *Mult + Skilllevel x *Base |>

Where itemvalue is the value of the created item (Smithing/Alchemy) or used material (enchanting/improving)
and Mult and Base are as followed:

Service: Mult/Base
Smithing(Forge): 1.5/0
Smithing(Tanning Rack): 1.5/0
Smithing(Improving): 1.0/5
Alchemy: 1.5/0
Enchanting: 1.0/5

An example: Enchanter at level 50 and a common soul gem worth 150 gold

150 x 1.0 + 50 x 5 = 400 gold for the enchantment.

Another example: Smith at level 75 and a iron dagger worth 10 gold

10 x 1.5 + 75 x 0 = 15 gold for the dagger.

All values can be changed in the MCM-Menu.

If you fail to pay the item will be removed (Smithing/Alchemy only) or you will recive a bounty of two times the fee (enchanting/improving).

Supported NPCs:

Initially no npcs are supported by the mod, but it will automatically search for blacksmiths, alchemists and enchanters as you play through the game.
Generally blacksmiths, apothecaries, court wizards and crafting skill trainers are added this way, examples include
Adrianne Avenicci, Eorlund Gray-Mane, Arcadia and Farengar Secret-Fire.

Not every npc that is, from your (the actual players) point of view, part of the above mentioned groups
is recognised by the mod (s. notes and known issues).

This feature can be disabled in MCM.

The proficiency level for any npc (default common) can be changed with MCM the following way:
Go to the NPC tab, click on the npcs name and a new tab will open that allows you to change proficiency levels.

Also in MCM, you can add a spell that will allow you to add any npc to the mod.
Just get the npc in your crosshair and use the spell.

Initially, npcs added by the spell will not have any proficiency levels.
You need to set them in MCM after adding the npc.


Compatible with Eorlund Gray-Mane and the Skyforge.

Not compatible Sergius Turrianus.

Compatible with Requiem. You need to disable the skill book requirement in Requiems MCM-Menu.
Compatible with Skyrim Rdone. Will not use alchemy/enchanting perks that take effect at the forge.
Compatible with Athyra's Comprehensive Enhancements.

Compatible with Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade.

Compatible with armor and weapon mods.
All mod added recipes are supported, including but not limited to Immersive Armors and Immersive Weapons.

Should otherwise be compatible with any mod as long as it does not add new crafting perks.
A mod that changes the vanilla crafting perks (i.e. makes them more or
less effective, changes their position) should be ok, some of changes their just
don't take effect.


This mod does not make changes to any npc in it's esp.

NPCs that are in the following Creation Kit factions are added to the mod:
JobBlacksmithFaction, JobApothecaryFaction, JobCourtWizardFaction, JobTrainerAlchemyFaction,
JobTrainerEnchantingFaction, JobTrainerSmithingFaction.

***Kown issues***

1. Fortify <Crafting Skill> Enchantments and portions will take effect when used on the player
character. There is no way for the script engine to reliably get
enchantments or portions so there is nothing i can do about it.

2. Not every npc that is a blacksmith, court wizard, etc. might be in their respective faction.
Add the missing ones with the spell provided or pretend they don't take orders.


NMM/MO: Download with manager and activate.

Manuel: Copy the content of the archive into your skyrim data folder:
<Steam dir>/steamapps/common/skyrim/data


Install the new version over the old one, no need for a clean save. But backup your last save before the update just in case.


Backup your last save.

Go to a place with no npcs.

Use the console to type in the following commands in the given order:

stopquest XX001DBD
stopquest XX000D62
stopquest XX003E1D
stopquest XX001DBE
stopquest XX004380

XX is the number of my mod in your load order.

Save and exit your game.

NMM/MO: Deactivate the mod in the mods tab.

Delete the NCC.esp, NCC.bsa and NCC.bsl files in your skyrim/data folder,

***Credits and special thanks to:***
Bethesda for this great game.
The SKSE Team for the Skyrim Script Extender.
The SkyUI Team for SkyUI and the MCM-Menu.