Water-fall Shack (2 Level) by MustardOrc
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==== Water-fall Shack (2 Levels) ==== 

Expanded version of original mod Water-fall Shack. The shack has been expanded and the island content has been reduced to only the house and access stairs. 

This mod adds a small player home built into the side of a waterfall in the Rift. This is good for starting characters or people who want a place with a view. The door to the shack is locked by the previous owner. Read the note in the satchel to start on the right direction. 

==== Features ==== 

+Small Player home on the side of a waterfall 
+Amazing views 
+2 Levels - Expanded from original mod 
+Player owned bed and containers for your treasure 
+Tanning Rack and Blacksmiths Anvil 
+Internal Cooking area 
+Compact living environment 

If you need help to find the key check the last 2 images 

Please rate up this mod if you enjoy it and feedback is welcome. 

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This is a standalone version. Remove the other mod before installing this one.

Upcoming update: 
Version 1.1 - Expansion update 
+ Re-add dock and fishing equipment 
+ Re-add bridge 
+ Re-add wood chopping block