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Adds a standalone female follower 'Agatha'

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Sorry, English is not my native Language. So I don't understand well the meaning of comments. :'(

-Adds a female elf follower. Her name is Agatha.
-This is a Standalone mod.

Follower Info:
-Name : Agatha
-Sex : Female
-Body : UNP or CBBE
-CombatStyle : Archery + Dual Dagger
-Location: 'Bannered Mare' in Whiterun
Sneak - Stealth, Muffle Movement, Light Foot, Silence
Onehanded - Armsman, Dual Flurry, Dual Savagery
Archery - Overdraw, Critical Shot, Ranger, Quick Shot, Bullseye
Light Armor - Agile Defender, Unhindered
-Essential, Marriage possible

-Video by DomsRPGs. Thank you! :D

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Thanks everyone!! :D

History Log:
2014.10.22 v1.0 Released
2014.10.22 v1.1 Adds CBBE Version
2014.10.23 v1.2 Change the Agatha's basic clothes
2014.10.30 v1.3 Modify the wrong texture paths
2014.11.22 Adds Agatha's CME
2014.12.17 v1.4 Change face normal map. Modify the name of the door to the Bannered Mare

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