Harvestable Elves Ear and Frost Mirriam by Jokerine
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Added: 21/10/2014 - 10:18AM
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Last updated at 10:16, 21 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 10:18, 21 Oct 2014

Hello everybody! Here's a little mod that I've been working on, featuring harvestable Elves Ear and Frost Mirriam plants placed around the world. The file has been cleaned with TES5EDIT, does not require any DLC and has no scripts, so it should be safe for everybody to use. Still, you should always make a backup save before installing ANY mod, in case something goes wrong.

The mod adds two new harvestables. I placed 100 of each. You can find Elves Ear plants around Falkreath and Frost Mirriam plants around Morthal, near Windhelm and a few around Dawnstar and Solitude.

== NOTES ==
I know this may not be lore friendly or whatever. I don't care. I'm also using meshes from ChickenDownUnder's wonderful Harvestables resource, so I cannot change how they look. Sorry about that.

You can harvest them by pointing your crosshair near the base (the collision is a bit finicky so it may be a bit hard to have the prompt appear on the screen).

The Frost Mirriam plant is not snowy due to a long story about me wanting to use vanilla textures instead of having to make new snowy versions. I tried to put these carefully around the world, and, in snowy areas, I chose sheltered spots whenever possible.

These are compatible with retextures, as the meshes' UV maps have been tweaked to make the original textures fit. I am personally using Real Herbs by MysteryModder. One thing I noticed is that the plants appear very shiny with MysteryModder's textures for some reason, but in that case you can download the new normal maps I made for them under the optional files.

To install, extract the contents of your downloaded file to your "Steam/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim/Data" folder. Then activate the mod through your preferred launcher by ticking the checkbox next to the esp. Or you can use the Mod Manager to download the mod automatically. To uninstall, simply delete the files from your Data folder, and you're good to go.