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CHINA-YYK and Moral-cat

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Dual Sheath Redux patches for the best Katanas available on the Nexus; Fudou Myouou, Bishu Osafune ju Morikage and Katana-YotoHatamonba.

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This is a simple patch for the Fudou Myouou Katana and Tachi mod that allows the Katana to be displayed in the off-hand position while sheathed, and the sheath itself remains visible when the sword is drawn. Please read the following directions to ensure this patch works correctly, and only contact me if there are issues AFTER following these steps:

  • First, make sure you download the original mod for the patch you're installing:
  1. Fudou Myouou Katana and Tachi
  2. Bishu Osafune ju Morikage Katana and Tachi
  3. Katana-YotoHatamonba
  • Make sure you have Dual Sheath Redux installed!
  • Download and install the appropriate patch(es), I highly recommend using Nexus Mod Manager for easy installation!
  • Run the Dual Sheath Redux patcher.
  • Check the Dual Sheath Redux patch.esp's dependencies and make sure the appropriate mods are listed.
  • Load the game, place the weapon in your off-hand slot and voila!
  • Enjoy!

These patches are being released as-is, there are no bugs that were not already present in the original mod if there were any. You NEED to download and install the original mod, these patches do not include the original assets, just the necessary files needed to display the off-hand models.

If you're going to endorse this mod, make sure you endorse the originals!

Thank you!