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This was made by request that I found inspiring enough. Goal was to make a house that was not seen in Skyrim before. Adds a small-ish Redguard themed house with most crafting and basic amenities.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
KHUNE IS PERSIA / FARSI FOR HOUSE. It's pronounced Kwhuu-nee(h)!

Mod adds a small-ish Persian/Redguard/Alik'r themed house to Markarth hold (near Hammerfell border >:) ). 

Mod works as intended, so don't expect any updates.
I don't develop old mods any more.

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Use NMM or drop the files to your Skyrim\Data and activate the esp

Remove EliRedguardhouse.esp and EliRedguardhouse.bsa


- There's a map marker you must discover in order to fast-travel to Khune
- You must kill the dragon to get the key. The previous owner tried to fight the dragon off but well.. Kill the dragon and you'll see what happened.
- The seats in front of the dining table are idle markers for NPCs, since there are no "sit cross-legged" furniture markers for the player character. 
  If you want to sit at the table, you need a mod that allows you to sit cross-legged.

DO CHECK OUT ALL THE ACTIVATORS IN THE SECRET ROOM. There is display space for unique books, all claws and masks, Thieves Guild Treasures, etc. If you're not in TG, you can just use the empty display room for other treasures with Jaxonz Positoner mod! In addition, if you do not like my storage choices, you can also rename the cupboards and stuff with Jaxonz Renamer!

If you want some cool Redguardy stuff, check out this mod:


- Custom sword
- See-through windows
- Hidden treasure room with display for unique items
- Bath (no buffs or frills, just a bath)
- Custom beds (double and 2 for followers)
- All crafting except Spider Lab
- Stables for horse
- Plenty of custom, safe storage
- Unique house architecture 
- 9 HF planters



- An ENB preset (I use Seasons of Skyrim ENB or Grim & Somber ENB)- Furniture and Clutter HD retexture
- aMidianborn Whiterun or Skyrim Mod Combiner
- Detailed Rugs
- Realistic Water 2

:: THANKS <3 ::

♥ To Jaden, my superstar Quality Assurance assistant.


Elandra: German translation

- BadGremlin: Witch stuff
- Batmanna: Steel Armour Stand
- Blary: Clutter resources
- BrettM: FPI Research resource
- Tamira and mrsiika: BS Highrock Resource
- Darkfox127: Resource Pack and Mörskom meshes
- mrsiika/Kraeten: Griffon Fortress Resource
- Insanity: Clutter resources and the weapon
- Jokerine: For awesome ships in bottles and other resources
- GKB: new trees
- Lilith: Clutter and catering resources
- Lrsamways: Clutter and disenchanting font
- McMuffin : Skooma pipes
- mrpdean: Lakeview Manor Evolution resources
- muppetpuppet: Jungle flora
- Oaristys: Modder's Resource Pack
- Runspect: Resources for modders
- stoverjm: New open books
- stroti and Tamira: Strotis mesh resources
- Tamira: New plants and misc object resource
- TESA: Resource Kit fountain and water
- The_funktasm: Morrowind Clutter resource
- yourenotsupposedtobehere: Epic rug resource
- Vindsvept: Music
- CStextures: Marble

Vindsvept music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
In short, you can use it in any way you want as long as you leave a link back to the original source. and


As always, enjoy the mod, and don't forget to share with me those pretty pretty screenshots of yours! ♥