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Nothing too special, just a little costume thrown together for fun, and in the spirit of Halloween.

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This mod adds a Ninja suit made from existing armor meshes and textures from the game. There are two versions, both craftable under the Leather category at any forge, one version is enchanted, the other is not. The armor its self doesn't offer much in the way of protection when compared to other armors, however the enchantments kind of make up for that.

The only requirement is the Dragonborn DLC, as some of the elements from that DLC were used in this mod.

I would like to thank Bethesda Games for Skyrim and the DLCs, and look forward to the next release.

Sorry for any beast race lovers out there, but this one only works for humans and elves... Though I suppose I could make a version compatible for lizards and cats.. when I find the time.

One more thing, the male version of this armor is untested. I had a little error message pop up in NifSkope while I was making this so I'm not sure if it will work 100% or not.