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150 New eyes texture for Humans and Elves

Permissions and credits

Eyes of Aber by Aberin

- New eyes texture for Humans and Elves
- Standalone, this mod will add 150 new eyes to male and female human and elf player character.
-Mostly Not lore-friendly

-Video by misalen. Thank you! :D

-Video by vatiwah. Thank you! :D

- Manual = Copy the content into DATA folder.
- Use Nexus Mod Manager for auto-install

History Log:
2014.10.19 v1.0 Released
2014.10.21 v1.1 Some eyes are modified. and 100 Eyes are added to Elves too.
2014.10.24 v1.2 adds 20 new eyes for Humans and Elves
2014.10.29 v1.3 adds 30 new eyes for Humans and Elves
2015.01.18 adds 'Eyes of Aber Ningheim edition by Luminara'. Thanks, Luminara. :)
2015.03.12 adds 'Eyes of Aber Succubus Race edition by guddengg'. Thanks, guddengg. :)

The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr. Dave

Thank you, LogRaam and Mr. Dave

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