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Addn Conjure Familiar to Lucan's Inventory

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Someone endoursed my MOD!  Thank you.  You totally made my day.

I consider this mod a bugfix.

Conjure Familiar is a low level spell that is obsolete by the time I make it to Whiterun, but unless I create a Breton the spell is unavailable until Whiterun.  Conjure Familiar for Newbies simply adds "Call Familiar - Wolf" to Lucan's Inventory so aspiring mages can acquire the spell at an appropriate level.


The main file CF.esp should be compatible with any mod that doesn't
modify Lucan's inventory.  It also has no DLC requirements.

Both other versions require Dawnguard and Skyre.


No special requirements. Conjure Familiar for Newbies is script free and adds no new items to the game.  So save games will be unaffected.