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Horse Stabling

Tired of leaving your horses just standing there outside the major cities or the homes you have built in the Hearthfire DLC?
Well, now you can have your horses use the stables outside of cities or your home.

Horse Stabling is activated by riding your horse to the area in front of the stable, dismount then walk away. At cities the hostler will come and walk your horse into the stables and at your Hearthfire homes your steward will take care of it. If you don't have a steward or the hostler is not there the horse will walk into the stables on their own. When you are ready to leave just get on and ride off. This mod does not contain any dialogue or require your interaction with npc's.

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File Versions:
There are 3 main versions and an expansion:
Cities: Only adds the stabling feature to the stables outside the major cities. Does not require the Hearthfire DLC
Cities + Hearthfire: Adds the stabling feature to the stables outside the major cities as well as the homes built using the Hearthfire DLC (requires the Hearthfire DLC)
Hearthfire only: Just adds the stabling feature to the houses from the Hearthfire DLC.

Immersive Stables:
Adds the stabling feature to locations added by Immersive Stables - Note: these locations do not have an npc to attend to the horse, the navmeshes at some of these locations are not npc friendly and I did not want to tie up the innkeeper. Some items were moved slightly and navmeshes were adjusted as some had large gaps in them. This version does not include any of the locations from the Cities or Hearthfire.

Mods that change the location of the stables will result in the feature not working correctly as the trigger and markers will not be in the proper locations.
This will make some minor changes to some of the stables that were done to accommodate the players horse but does not change any of the horses or npc's

Convenient Horses - This works with Convenient Horses but you will need to set the horse not to follow you when you leave them at the stable.

The cities only version does not require anything beyond Skyrim.
The Hearthfire version requires the Hearthfire DLC (of course).
The Immersive Stables version requires Immersive Stables:

How it Works:
There are no scripts that constantly run in the background, the only time the script runs is when you ride your horse into the trigger and either dismount or leave. Everything is controlled by a trigger box that covers the stable and the area in front of it (about the size of the stable). Riding into the trigger box starts it and it will look for you to dismount then walk out of the trigger box. Once you walk out is starts a small scene where the npc attending the stable (hostler or steward if any) will come over to your horse then walk it into the stable. Once there and the horse is in position the scene ends and the horses AI will take over again. Interrupting the scene by talking to the npc or anything else will end the scene where it is. If you leave on the horse without stabling it the script will stop looking for you to dismount.