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Over 30 famous movie and T.V. stars are ready to take on the part of the dragonborn.
Add fame to your role-playing experience in your next play-through.

Permissions and credits
Most everyone has been at this game for some time now including myself, and this is one way to keep it fresh. Role-playing as a famous character who already has their own unique storyline can be a fun challenge adapting it to Skyrim. And of course it also means getting to pick out new weapons, armors, and appropriate places for them to live. Most are adept swordsmen or bowmen but there's at least one magician and a couple I would definitely consider non-lore for a major change of pace.
I hope you enjoy them. You should of course feel free to adjust them as you see fit.

All of the characters portrayed will require Enhanced Character Edit v 1.4 which in turn requires SKSE 1.6.9+.
Update to v1.4 if you already have an older version but first read *SKELETON* below and remember to select "No Cheeks Fix" as well.

+Additional mods will be necessary to achieve the pictured results and I've listed what you'll need for the "complete" main file as well as each of the individual "optional" files .. but I'll do that after the character introductions.

[size=8]The Men[/size]

(See image section for a suitable KS style for Tormund.)

[size=8]The Ladies[/size]

This slot file for Katniss is set to use ApachiiHairF28 as pictured but if you have access to SG Hairs I recommend the 00HairFemaleSGchantal for her iconic braid.
I said I wouldn't set these up using non-Nexus mods anymore as SG and KS Hairdos are rumored to be involved in legal challenges, and finding a download is iffy at best. Yet many still have them tucked away as I do for personal use from when they were readily available.
OK - as of 8/11/15 KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky is back on the Nexus. For now I'll just be offering suggestions as to which style to select from KS Renewel if I feel a viable one is available.

If you've got KS Hair I recommend that mod's "Nightwish" hairstyle for Lagertha, though I think this vanilla style is better for her than any Nexus hair mod can offer.

Rey is set to use ApachiiHairF35. Some other good options are KS's "Spring" or "Sky208"; SG Hair's "00HairFemaleSGpg060".
And nobody knows at this point if Rey uses a light saber in the film as I've pictured her here, but rumor has it her parentage might lead to the force being strong within her. We'll find out 12/18/2015.

Wonder Woman is set with ApachiiSkyHair but I can also recommend KS Hairdos' MeltAway, Reunion, or Hello styles to those that have them.
And it remains to be seen if WW will go with the traditional blue eyes or stick with Gadot's dark brown despite her very brief appearance in a trailer.

Intruder Alert - A villainess has slipped in amongst the heroines and I'm unable to delete her file. Don't know how ... she's ... arghhh.

Which file should I download?
  • "Legends Presets _ Complete" - allows you to select any character, male or female, in-game and right out of the box. BUT it does require the greatest number of mods to get the pictured results.
  • "Optional Files" - allows you to select that one character you're after with only the need to download the mods necessary for that individual. Then select their slot file number in-game.

+So what other mods do I need to install?:
ECE is the only absolutely required mod for any of this to work but all these other listed mods are deemed necessary to achieve the pictured results.

Females use the vanilla body or CBBE with compatible textures. (Sorry UNP users. You can try but they won't look as pictured. Perhaps you can slider your way to a satisfactory outcome. I wasn't happy with my attempts at using UNP textures.)
Males use the vanilla body, SundraconMeshes file from Better males, or any body mod you can find that does NOT affect the head. (That part lets out a few fairly popular body mods that I've seen.)

Install your preferred skeleton if you have one before installing ECE.
When installing ECE you'll need to make a skeleton selection as well. If you don't require bouncing boobs or any other function of XPMS simply checkmark the "Vanilla/CBBE/UNP" skeleton which will give you all the extra sliders that v1.4 offers which I used in the making of these characters.
If, however, you do have Realistic Ragdoll and Force + XPMS installed in your game already checkmark "Realistic Ragdolls Normal" instead and allow the overwrite of your current skeleton. This method will also maintain the extra sliders without ruining the benefit of your XPMS skeleton.
Also, don't forget to checkmark "No Cheeks Fix" when installing ECE.
And lastly - run FNIS before playing.
(Should you mistakenly install some other skeleton later on after you've already installed ECE and click on 'yes to all' to overwrite, as you probably usually do, I can guarantee most of these characters will bear just a vague similarity to those that are pictured, so uninstall and reinstall ECE again afterward.)

Besides ECE these next two mods are used for each and every character. Get them first and install them.

For "Legends Presets _ Complete":
ECE, Eyes of Beauty; Final Younger Characters and

For Optional files:
Once again you'll need ECE, Eyes of Beauty, and Final Younger Characters for each character in addition to what's listed next to each slot # and name.

Slot 1 Achilles: none
Slot 2 Ned Stark:none
Slot 3 Robin Hood:none
Slot 4 Duncan Macleod:ApachiiSkyHairMale_v_1_2
Slot 5 Aragorn:none
Slot 6 Ragnar Lothbrok: Howitzer's Hair
Slot 7 Thor:none
Slot 8 Nathan Algren:none
Slot 9Hercules:none
Slot 10 Einar:XCE - Scarface
Slot 11 Jon Snow:ApachiiSkyHairMale_v_1_2
Slot 12 Oliver Queen:none
Slot 13 Snake Plissken:ApachiiSkyHairMale_v_1_2
Slot 14 Gandalf:none
Slot 15 Thorin Oakenshield:none
Slot 16 Zorro:none
Slot 17 El Cid:ApachiiSkyHairMale_v_1_2 and XCE - Scarface
Slot 18William Wallace:ApachiiSkyHairMale_v_1_2
Slot 19Pullo:none
Slot 20 Lucius Vorenus:none
Slot 36 Rob Roy: none
Slot 37 Tormund Giantsbane:none

Slot 21 Michonne:ApachiiSkyHair v_1_6
Slot 22 Arwen:none
Slot 23 Shu Lien:ApachiiSkyHair v_1_6
Slot 24 Black Widow:ApachiiSkyHair v_1_6
Slot 25 Katniss:ApachiiSkyHair v_1_6
Slot 26 Brienne:ApachiiSkyHair v_1_6
Slot 27 Valeria:ApachiiSkyHair v_1_6
Slot 28 Avengelyne:none
Slot 29 Daenerys:ApachiiSkyHair v_1_6
Slot 30 Arya Stark:ApachiiSkyHair v_1_6
Slot 31 Lagertha:none
Slot 32 Rey:ApachiiSkyHair v_1_6
Slot 33 Wonder Woman: ApachiiSkyHair v_1_6
Slot 34 Artemisia: ApachiiSkyHair v_1_6
Slot 35 Éowyn: ApachiiSkyHair v_1_6

(Slots 38 thru 40 are open)

Here are two other very useful mods to have in your inventory when dealing with 'showracemenu' and character presets:
Face Light by tktk. Not only can you see your character's face better but it helps to soften the differences that invariably exist between interior and exterior renderings of facial features.
ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer by kapaer. Cuts down - and in most cases eliminates CTD's when using 'showracemenu' in game. Bravo!

Installation of either the "Complete" Main File or any of the "Optional" Files:

  • Download manually to your desktop.
  • Unzip
  • Place the "_#_commonTriRaces.slot" files (not the folder) inside your CME_save folder on your computer. It's located at UserName > "My Documents" > "My Games" > "Skyrim" > "CME_save". Select "copy and replace" for any conflicts.


You'll be entering "showracemenu" as usual in your console.
Choose the Race > NORD (All of them are.)
Choose his or her Sex
then move down to Slot Load.
Select "Next" in the first window that pops up, then select the Slot # corresponding to the character.

If you have all the listed mods there should be nothing else to do. (If you don't have them all or if you've installed additional mods that affect the order of elements in character generation you'll likely have a little slider work to do.)
Enter 'Done'. Name your character and then save it back to the same slot.


Q) Why do my characters always start out bald or with some weird hairstyle? I've got the ApachiiSkyHair you call for so the right one should show up, right?
A) I wish it worked that way - that if you had the right hair mod that it would automatically go to that style that was selected. But that's not the case. It goes by sequence, so any other hair mod you might have installed as well as the Apachii will throw the sequence of hairs out of the same order that was used for the creation of the slot file. If the ONLY hair mod you had installed was the Apachii (or in the case of the "complete" file - both Apachii mods) then your character would instantly appear with the correct hairstyle. Your two options are to either uninstall the extra hair mods or merely select the correct hair yourself using the pictures as a guide.
The same holds true for any other "face" mods you may have installed. Speaking of which ... next question.

Q) I've installed all the mods but the face doesn't look like the picture. What should I do cause I suck at making faces?
A) You undoubtedly have other mods or textures installed that affect the face. Get rid of them if you can. Got anything that changes brows, lips, eyes (other than Eyes of Beauty), teeth, etc.? Did you by chance overwrite the ECE skeleton selection with a different one?If you did you lost the effects that all the extra sliders provided in ECE.
Another point of contention might just be in your ENB or lighting mods. They can certainly have an effect on appearance. (FYI - I don't use ENBs since I never liked messing with the game's INI files particularly on a low-end computer.) I certainly wouldn't expect you to rid yourself of your precious ENBs (How many are there now .. a thousand?), so you'll just need to use these characters as starting points and do your best in getting them to look right on your end. Have fun with it and good luck. BTW - the first image of each character (the split screen one) shows the character first in exterior light then in interior light - but note that I also use the wonderful Face Light mod by tktk so the differences are somewhat smoothed out.

Q) When are you going to do a Racemenu version of these? People prefer it at least 3 to 1 and you'd get a lot more hits on your mod.
A) And one anime lolita will get a lot more hits and endorsements than this mod too, so that "people prefer it" doesn't sell me on it. More to the point - anyone interested in making a particular face will find ECE to be far better organized, has more useful sliders, and is less bogged down in its own complexity - scripts, other required files, duplicate sliders, extraneous functions, and a trouble-shooting guide that puts an encyclopedia to shame. You want tattoos and paints. I get it that you do - but I don't. Remember what Scotty said, "The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain." In my book that applies to Racemenu. So the short answer - I won't be.

Possible Accessories (None are included with this mod. None are required). I've tried them all and can recommend these except where noted.

Slot 1 - Achilles
Greek Armor Revamped by sirwho

Slot 2 - Lord Eddard Stark
Game of Thrones Armor Compilation by Donker316

Slot 3 - Robin Longstride
Hunter Archer Armor by protese

Slot 4 - Duncan Macleod
Tartan Stormcloaks Plus -DEAD- by Callaghan04. Enter "help monroe" in your console for the kilt-only version.
Highlander Katanas by Ghosu

Slot 5 - Aragorn
Aragorn Ranger Armor- Standalone and Craftable - LOTR by BurnInHeaven aka Mister Fahrenheit
Royal Armor of Aragorn by haldir307 and Maty743
Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection by Isilmeriel - For 'Anduril' obviously.

Slot 6 - Ragnar Lothbrok
Bobs Armory Skyrim by Mr Dave - Enter "help sk" for the Skadi war axe.
Brigandage by Franklin Zunge - Enter "help brigand" to get started on many possibilities for apparel.
Insanitys Shields by InsanitySorrow

Slot 7 - Thor
Penitus Armor With Pants Beta - Armatura del Penitus Oculatu by Laurelion. In console "help penitus" for the 4 elite files.
Thors Hammer Mjolnir V2 by Ghosu

Slot 8 - Nathan Algren
Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos by Prime

Slot 9 - Hercules
Sabre Cat Gear Mod Pack by DVAted for the sabre head helm.
Sleeveless Nightingale Request Reply by Solidus2845. Closest thing I could find for appropriate apparel.
Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival by Chesko. I use this mod all the time but in this instance I use Chesko's Walking Stick as Herc's primary weapon. Helps if you can go into the CK and up its damage a might. Other mace type weapons will work but just don't fit as well imho.

Slot 10 - Einar
Rough Leather Armor by atomec
Brigandage by Franklin Zunge for Brigand Clothes
Bandit Eyepatch by Ceekay9
The Thegn by InsanitySorrow

Slot 11 - Jon Snow
Game of Thrones Armor Compilation by Donker316 for the Night's Watch armor.
Longclaw by ImsumDave

Slot 12 - Oliver Queen (Arrow)
All Black Dark Brotherhood Armor by Subconscious. Get a green hood from most anywhere.
Compound Bow Collection by Alrock10. The Elder bow seems most appropriate.
Crazy Vaclavs Exploding Ammo and Archery by GhengisBob is lots of fun and is in keeping with the vigilante's arsenal.

Slot 13 - Snake Plissken
Dwarven Blasters by RobZom
Rough Leather Armor by atomec
All Black Dark Brotherhood Armor by Subconscious.

Slot 14 - Gandalf
FINALLY White Mage Robes by Chocolambot for Gandalf "the White"
Gandalf Lightstaff by Tamira
Gandalf Hat by DigitalLion in conjunction with grey robes and shoes for Gandalf "the Grey"
Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection by Isilmeriel

Slot 15 - Thoren Oakenshield
Get Ulfric's armor and Orcrist the Goblin Cleaver by istoleyourface

Slot 16 - Alejandro Murrieta / Don Alejandro de la Vega / Zorro
Ashara Romantic Outfit by SydneyB
All Black Dark Brotherhood Armor by Subconscious
ZorrosMask by Newberdan
JaySuS Swords for the Shiavonna 'cutlass'

And don't forget about Zorro's horse "Toronado" (at the Whiterun stables):
Enhanced Horse Skins by Shogun3d - It'll make him all shiny and BLACK without the glowing red eyes.
Black Saddles For All Horses by MsMatching.

Slot 17 - the Cid
Crusaders Knights Templar Hospitaller Teutonic Chivalry Medieval Warfare Agatha and Mason Armors by ghostrecon123 *Requires Dawnguard. Enter "help templar" in your console.
LC Immersive Chainmail by Locaster
JaySuS Swords for the Crusader swords.

Slot 18 - William Wallace
Just throw him in a stormcloak outfit and give him a greatsword.
EWIs True Weaponry of Viscounts and Sirrahs by ewi65 offers character specific swords (but the textures IMHO could be better).

Slot 19 - Titus Pullo
Roman Imperial armor and weapons by Jedo Dre and the team

Slot 20 - Lucius Vorenus
Same as Pullo only grab the officer's garb.

Slot 36 - Rob Roy
Tartan Stormcloaks Plus -DEAD- by Callaghan04. Enter "help monroe" in your console for the kilt-only version.
Scottish Basket Hilt Broadswords by rms827 and Vioxsis. (Thanks to Heatysaber for link.)
JaySuS Swords for the Shiavonna 'cutlass'
Common Clothes by Franklin Zunge
Nernies Armor Pack by Nernie
Cutlass by Higeyosi
Flintlock Pistol by Fly1918

Slot 37 - Tormund Giantsbane
Brigandage by Franklin Zunge - Enter "help brigand" for brigand clothes in the warmer climes.
North of the Wall :) you'll want to get the Skaal armor from "Dragonborn" ('help skaal' in your console).
Outfit him with a sizeable warhammer or axe and this wildling will take on all of Skyrim.

Slot 21 - Michonne
Bandanas of Skyrim by volvaga0
Hattori Hanzo Katanas by Alrock10 for the white handled katana
Demon Hunter Armor - CBBEv3 and UNP by BloodFree
Face Light by tktk. Helps when using 3rd person view for any character but particularly a dark-skinned one such as Michonne.

Slot 22 - Arwen
A White Mini Dress by Shoobydoo
Hadhafang - Arwens Sword - LOTR by Yogensya

Slot 23 - Yu Shu Lien
A simple brown robe suits her just fine but if you want something a little more oriental try:
Chinese fighter cloth v2 by celloline - replaces texture of female miner's clothes (done manually and an fyi: it's a little low-rez but still nice).
Hattori Hanzo Katanas by Alrock10 for her weapons of choice - typically dual wield.

Slot 24 - Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)
All Black Dark Brotherhood Armor by Subconscious OR, if you know what you're doing try
Black Widow Gear by SagittariusMoon and Al1enoid

Slot 25 - Katniss Everdeen
Archer's Armory by missjennabee for a very nice selection of bows that are in keeping with lore.
Brigandage by Franklin Zunge. Brigand's Clothes are what I currently have her decked out in, but I haven't spent much time looking yet.

Slot 26 - Brienne of Tarth
Game of Thrones Armor Compilation by Donker316 for the Stark's standard armor. I use it in the earlier stages of the game.
MERPs Gondorian Armament by BGS - select the lower res file or you'll be waiting forever for it to load. Suitable for facing down Alduin.

Slot 27 - Valeria
LustDesign - Dovahkiin Mercenary Gear - CBBE v3 - UNP by Lustrianna

Slot 28 - Avengelyne
Fluffy Travel Attire by Kalilies
Merta Assassin Armor UNP - CBBE by Deserter X - Mitosuke

Slot 29 - Daenerys Targaryen
Redguard clothing seems to suit her just fine.

Slot 30 - Arya Stark
Game of Thrones mini-pack by Marinetastic for 'Needle'.
Common Clothes by Franklin Zunge. Requires "Dawnguard". Two clothing selections in particular have the high neck and slacks and give her more of a boyish figure .. look like they're right out of the show.

Slot 31 - Lagertha, the Shield Maiden
Nernies Armor Pack by Nernie
Brigandage by Franklin Zunge
Insanitys Shields by InsanitySorrow

Slot 32 - Rey
Magicka Sabers by Lord Haun.
Fluffy Travel Attire by Kalilies .. generally without the fluff.

Slot 33 - Wonder Woman
Mord Sith Cara Armor by NewerMind43 for a slightly more lore-friendly version for Skyrim.
Wonder woman - Convert from Oblivion for the traditional, non-lore costume. BBP body required. (I can't whole-heartedly recommend this mod but you can get it to work if you set your character's weight slider to "0" - otherwise you'll be entering the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade as a blimp.)

Slot 34 - Artemisia
Armor - Just about anything dark and sexy will work but also:
Scarlet Dawn Armor by BloodFree
zzjay's wardrobe by zzjay for the gold plate armor.

Slot 35 - Éowyn
Viking Chainmail Armor by hothtrooper44

If you find some modded armor on the Nexus that you think works really well for any of these characters kindly leave a link in the comments, I'll check it out, and see that it gets posted on this page with your name the next time I update. Thanks.

Thanks to the mod authors I've mentioned in the tome above,
to the Nexus and Bethesda, and
to those who have downloaded, endorsed, or left constructive criticism. You're all appreciated.

Take care.

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